This was Colloq.

❋ 2017 – ✞ 2021

When we started working on our idea of Colloq, we’ve been excited about our new project and the possibilities we saw. The conference scene was in full swing, we wanted to fill a gap in the event space and build our vision of the best conference platform that we could think of.

Four years later, we are looking at a different situation. We ran into lots of challenges, solved a lot of problems, yet in the end, we did not manage to monetise Colloq in an ethical and sustainable way. The clock turned 2021 and we all still face a pandemic that not only changed the way we live, but changed almost all kind of events. Many are on hold, many are now online. Sometimes things don’t turn out as planned. So it is with our service. The idea was good but we hadn’t had enough time and plan to earn an income from it.

After much consideration and multiple rounds of brainstorming on how to continue with Colloq, we have decided to close the doors of Colloq in March 2021. Thanks for all your support!

Anselm, Tobias and Holger