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Welcome to Colloq

Colloq is a friendly community that lets you discover and track events, access media collections and stay up to date.

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  • No tracking for better privacy
  • Create unlimited conferences or meetups
  • Explore event coverage
  • Ease your organizer life with our tools
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Why Colloq?

  • All In One. Gather event related information, all in one place.
  • Affordable. It’s free for basic usage and affordable for everyone else.
  • We’re here to stay. We have a sustainable business model and no VC.

For Users

  • Show your attendance and let other people know you’ll be at a certain event or track events silently for your own records.
  • See event coverage; no need to search for slides or videos of conference talks on different sites.
  • Find new events with our event listings, filter, search functions and recommendations.

For Event Organizers

  • Individual Event Page. Create your event page with all the information you have, including a schedule, your sponsors and a direct link to your ticket sale.
  • Event Coverage. We allow you to gather media coverage links on your event page and show the collection to your users.
  • Event Teams. We know most people aren’t organizing an event alone so we let you manage your event with your co-managers and your staff team.