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About Us

The story of Colloq began at a conference. We’ve been attending this event for many years and always talked about a better way to discover and preserve the excellent content conferences produce. It made us realise that we were not satisfied with the existing solutions and that it was time to do something about it.

Team photo at beyondtellerrand showing us three having fun during the photo shooting
Photo: Copyright by Stefan Nitzsche

Colloq is the central resource for comprehensive and rich conference and event content that lets industry people discover, connect, grow and learn.

Videos, slides and other coverage are a great resource for professional development. Finding these resources will foster education and help newcomers as well as industry experts keep up with our fast-moving industry.

To find out more about our ideas why we’re building Colloq, our beliefs and what we’re currently up to, follow us on Twitter and make sure to read our blog for frequent updates.

Who’s Colloq?

We're a small team of three independent developers, distributed across the globe. We believe in building small, sustainable projects and apply this philosophy to Colloq, too. We love attending and sometimes speak at conferences, like to meet people that share similar interests or want to share their knowledge, vision and inspiration.

  • Tobias Tom

    Portrait photo of Tobias Tom

    Tobias is a Full Stack Web developer. Occasionally he also builds stuff on Apple’s *OS platforms or sometimes comes up with solid advice on all things Flexbox. Food isn’t much of a practical matter, so he likes to indulge in some good meals and doesn’t mind a good glass of wine to go with it. Relocating should always take him to a new city in a previously unvisited country and this idea has taken him to interesting places. Even though he mostly dislikes seafood, he prefers to reside close to the water. Tobias currently is in Lisbon, Portugal so he can pursue his dream of becoming a surfer one day.

  • Holger Bartel

    Portrait photo of Holger Bartel

    Holger is a web design consultant and front end developer, passionate about web performance. He also runs “Harbour Front”, a web design meetup to connect the local community. When he’s not working in the digital world, he likes to travel and explore new places; the more remote and unknown, the better. Meeting people and getting to know different cultures, languages and foods are a big part of that. He recently rediscovered his passion for snowboarding and would love to go heli-boarding in Alaska. Holger currently lives in Hong Kong.

  • Anselm Hannemann

    Portrait photo of Anselm Hannemann

    Anselm is a front end developer and Scrum master and publishes the weekly “Web Design Reading List” with updates on what’s new in the world of web design. Living in Bavaria allows him easy access to nature to go hiking, take his bike for a spin in the mountains or take longer trips exploring new places with his ‘sleepable’ VW T5. He also likes to do things hands-on, which he puts into practice with semi-professional photography and wood working. Anselm currently lives in Iffeldorf, Bavaria, not far from Munich.

Media Kit

We like to keep things simple, but do have a few guidelines on how we like our brand displayed. The media kit includes a PDF of our brand guidelines and all assets as SVG files. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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