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    Going Dark & Bright

    Sometimes we all need a challenge. Mine was to find out how much effort it would be to support Apple’s new Dark Mode on Colloq. It turned out that it was more work than initially anticipated, but I stayed on it for a couple more hours, cleaned up code and eventually made it work. Since today, you may see various differences throughout the entire interface.

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    Meet the Organizers!

    Event organisers have a tough job. They spend hundreds of hours and a lot of energy into organising an event, but are rarely known personally by the attendees. Since we’re all about connecting people, we want to give our users the possibility to get to know the people behind the scenes doing all the hard work to bring these conferences to life.

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    Facing Reality: Event Cancellation

    We honestly hope that no one ever needs to cancel their event, but having experienced this situation ourselves before have to stay realistic: Sometimes things happen and events need to be cancelled. From today on, we offer the possibility to cancel your events on Colloq.

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    Find events easier

    A couple of users reported that they didn’t find the search on our site easily and we tracked it down to the homepage where we had a ‘clever’ mechanism in place to hide the search in the navigation bar. A user experience lesson.

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    October News

    Here’s our sign of life. That said, this is also the main reason why we’ve been more silent than usual—life. Read on for what we’ve done over the past weeks.

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    Our Downtime After a Spam Attack

    Over the last weekend we have been hit by a spam attack and as a result, had to temporarily shut down our servers. Here is our detailed report to what has happened. Note: This incident was a spam attack which flooded our platform with random events and no data has been compromised, breached or leaked.

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    News in August

    We’ve not stopped working after July and here are a few new things we added to our service over the past week, including UX-enhancements and Call for Papers data export.

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    Auto-Resizing Textareas with ECMAScript 6

    We recently added auto-resizing textarea elements to our service and here’s how we managed to do that with just a few lines of code in JavaScript.

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    Feature in Detail: Call for Papers Messages

    Our Call for Papers feature just got a new feature: Messages. This allows organizers to communicate with your participants, or as speakers with the organizers.

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    A Little More for July

    For the second half of July, we have mostly worked on a lot of small fixes and improvements throughout the platform. As we have mentioned before, we love receiving your feedback and it’s great that with a small team, we have the possibility to act on it fairly quickly. This is why we are happy to announce another new feature that we will soon see the light of day: Messages for Call for Papers.

    Learn more…

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    Better Design System Component Semantics

    While there is a lot of information on the bigger picture of design systems available today, many smaller day-to-day issues aren't covered enough. Today we want to share some insights on how we approached component semantics in our own system to achieve better semantics and greater flexibility.

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    What’s New in July

    We continue to work on Colloq almost every day and currently focus on some bigger updates which require a good amount of planning first. We started work on one of them and a second one will hopefully follow right after. We’re sure you’ll love the things to come. But now for what we’ve done in the past weeks: Support in Coverage …

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    Easily Change Your Colloq Newsletter Subscription

    Just yesterday we announced improvements to our email service and today we’d like to show you a new way to manage your newsletter subscription preferences in your Colloq account.

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    Service Announcement Emails & Better Search Results

    With the latest updates we improved the search result information and we are now able to send service announcements reliably to our users. This is serves as the foundation for more upcoming features. Read more about these features and some of the smaller changes we released over the past two weeks…

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    How Colloq Became GDPR Compliant

    Since the beginning we were dedicated to protect our users’ privacy and security. Unfortunately this doesn’t necessarily mean that we were fully compliant to the new EU GDPR law. Here’s what we did and had to do to become compliant, including some of the challenges and limits we hit.

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    First Real Team Meeting, Your Data, Your Choices & Many Small Improvements

    Over the past weeks we’ve been working hard to give you more choice about your data and we’re going to continue investing time to build tools that allow you to provide us with your open data or to use your data via our services. Apart from that we improved our service and implemented feedback from our users. Here’s a summary…

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    Colloq Account Deletion

    In the light of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we wanted to provide a convenient way for our users to delete their accounts. While compliance only says that a service needs to offer a way for users to request their data deletion, we wanted to go one step further and offer an easy way that doesn’t require manual work from us. Here is our account deletion tool. Right to be Forgotten …

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    Data Export on Colloq

    Because we at Colloq like to do things the “right” way, we are now fully GDPR compliant and are happy to announce that from now on, all our users will find an option labeled “Export account data…” in their account settings. Find out how, why and what else in this short post.

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    New: Filter Event Coverage Links

    Today we’re introducing filters for event coverage. This is a feature for all paying users. Read on to see how this works and looks like.

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    Better Feedback for Talk Proposals

    Over the years, the web and tech conference scene has grown a lot and so has the amount of speakers who have something to share. This is a great development and for many people a conference isn’t far away anymore. Providing better feedback for Call for Papers submissions will give potential speakers the ability to improve. This way speakers can learn and as a result, conferences will receive better submissions in the coming years.

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    Service Outage on April 2nd, 2018

    Yesterday, on April 2nd, 2018 we realized that parts of our service were responding with a server error. This affected all pages where a request to our database was made and lasted for 4 hours until we had our mitigation in place. Here’s what happened and what we’re going to do to improve the situation.

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    Best Practices for Call for Papers

    When running a Call for Papers for your next conference, it’s important to get potential speakers interested and to receive the best responses for your event to choose from. To improve the submissions you’ll receive and to limit the administrative work that comes with running a CfP, we’ve collected some tips which will hopefully help you get the most out of your next Call for Papers.

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    Saving costs

    Since our launch in November, things have changed a lot for us at Colloq. Our service grew a lot, we gained new users, some of which pay happily for our service already to get extra features. And we built more features to match your needs. But as we grow, things change…

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    What’s new: Cleaner Event Cards, Improved Navigation

    Today we are happy to announce a few new features, bugfixes and improvements to you. We mainly took care about improving the user experience for you by simplifying and clarifying our design to match your needs better and fixed a couple of annoying things as well.

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    What’s new: Various Bugfixes and Layout Improvements

    In the past three weeks we mostly worked on improving the reliability and stability of our platform and improved small parts of the visual appearance of Colloq that looked suboptimal.

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    What’s new: Bugfixes, Accessibility Improvements & Blog Categories

    In Sprint 47 we focused on fixing a couple of bugs, improved the accessibility of our platform and added categories to our blog.

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    What’s new: Event card variations and many small improvements

    This time we improved the look of our event overview page, fixed various small bugs, updated our software stack, added basic metrics to our monitoring dashboards, and finally managed to have automatic database migration tool with rollback functionality in place.

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    Feature in Detail: Call for Papers

    Event organizers can create a Call for Papers to collect talk proposals for their event and find interesting speakers. Depending on your subscription there are a variety of features you can use and in this article we’ll explain what is possible.

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    What’s new: A New Search, Easier Past/Future Events and Tweet Images

    It’s been some time since we published our last update. That is because we made an exception to our one week sprints and instead had a four weeks sprint over the holidays. But now we’re back on track and want to share the latest features and improvements available on Colloq.

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    Attending Conferences: More Than Worth The While

    Two weeks ago, a tweet by Star Simpson resonated with many, received almost a thousand retweets and motivated us to write the following post.

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    What‘s New: Call for Papers and More Events

    Retrospectives are supposed to show you how the team felt in the last Sprint. This time we all feel pretty good about the things we’ve archived: we worked on two huge new features, deployed one of them and added a lot of new events to our catalog.

    Read the details

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    What‘s New: Improved Event Suggestion Handling and Subscription Feature Explanations

    Every week we are working to improve the overall experience on Colloq, fix some bugs and add new features. Since some of these changes aren‘t visible right away, we like to publish what we worked on and give you some insight of what‘s happening behind the scenes.

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    Our Plans, Features and What’s at the Heart of Colloq

    When we started out building Colloq, we had a few premises that we want to stick to. What started with the aim to build a better platform has now turned into real, usable product with great features. In this post we want to highlight some of the features of our current plans for a better understanding of what Colloq is about and what you can do with it.

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    Sort Your Sponsors & Speakerdeck Coverage Support

    This week we added event sponsor sorting for our Organizer Premium and Pro accounts which allows you to add a custom order and show your most important sponsors first. We also enhanced the coverage link cards to show Open Graph images, detect Speakerdeck slidedecks automatically, and you can now see your own submitted links without a subscription.

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    More Coverage Services & Embedding Colloq

    This week we added two more services to our link parser to provide a better experience to our users, let you embed a Colloq link, and eased the creation of recurring events a little bit.

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    How Our Password Check Works

    Security and privacy are a big concern for us at Colloq and we do take it seriously. We want to make Colloq a safe and secure platform and are taking certain measures to help ensure it is and stays this way. Because of that, our platform features an advanced password validity check that we want to talk about.

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    Sprint 40: Improved Create Events & Nicer Error Pages

    In the second sprint after our launch we focused on fixing bugs that our users reported and enhancing their experience on our service. Here’s what changed…

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    Why we don’t have a Lanyrd import

    While we’re completely aware that many of you have collected and curated a lot of useful content on Lanyrd, we’re most likely not going to offer any data import. This post describes why.

    Read more…

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    Sprint 37–39: The many things before, during and after our launch

    This week we finally went live with Colloq. Here’s what happened during the weeks leading up to our launch and the few days after it.

    Read what happened behind the scenes

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    Hey there, we’re here!

    Today we can excitedly announce that we’re now live with our new platform Colloq. If you’re as excited as we are, please sign up, spread the word, and support our platform by using it actively. — Cheers, Anselm, Tobias & Holger.

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    Updates for Sprint 33 – 36

    Since our last blog entry we’ve done a lot but not writing another update for you. It’s time to tell you the current status.

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    Our Latest Update on Sprint 32

    Last week we shifted from writing about our progress on Twitter to explaining what we do in more detail here on our blog. Today we want to share the latest updates on our current and upcoming sprint with you.

    Read more…

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    Why We Don’t Publish Our Sprint Goals On Twitter Anymore

    A few weeks ago we started to tweet our Sprint goals and after a Sprint we posted whether we achieved it or not. This week we stopped doing that and we want to tell you why. While we believe openness is key to our service, Twitter is not the right decision to share complex information such as project progress in a very short message.

    Read the Status Update

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    Safari’s <details>/<summary> rem font-size issue

    Current Safari versions have weird issues with the rem unit that can be hard to debug. For reference, we write about weird font-sizing in Safari when using a &lt;details&gt; element on a website. This blog article is about WebKit Bug 173876.

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    Securing Platform Stability With Acceptance Testing

    Building a brand new service means a lot of changes in the beginning. Definitions change, permission models change, and modules get refactored often. At some point we got the feeling that we’re not sure if all the permissions were implemented as per definition. For some components we realised that we didn’t even have a definition at all. Writing Acceptance tests helps us building a more robust platform.

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    The Tools We Use To Stay Afloat

    Like many people we’re used to working with Jira and other big tools for project management. These tools work quite well for large projects and teams. But at Colloq where we are only three people, using Jira would hinder our productivity—it’s too complex for our use case. This is the story about what tools we use and how we make them work for us.

    Continue reading about our tools…

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    Remote Managing A Side-Project Across The Globe

    Most of us know that running a side-project can be a daunting and rather difficult task to successfully manage, even and especially on your own. For a project involving three people, all working on client projects in parallel, making progress on a side-project is a challenge. We learned this the hard way, and here’s how we turned it around…

    Read more

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    Hello World. Hello Colloq.

    The story of Colloq began at a conference. We’ve been frequently going to conferences for a few years now and always talked about a better way to preserve the content that conferences produce. It made us realise that none of us was satisfied with the existing offers and that it was time to do something about it. On April 1st we published our first landing page.

    Read more about how this project started »