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A Little More for July

For the second half of July, we have mostly worked on a lot of small fixes and improvements throughout the platform. As we have mentioned before, we love receiving your feedback and it’s great that with a small team, we have the possibility to act on it fairly quickly. This is why we are happy to announce another new feature that we will soon see the light of day. Messages for Call for Papers. We will publish a more detailed article about the new Messages for Call for Papers soon.

  • Organisers and their staff can now update and delete coverage links.
  • To avoid losing form data, we now open an event’s Code of Conduct link in a new tab in our Call for Papers application form.
  • We don’t throw a server error anymore when a user tries to enter a non HTML resource as coverage, such as a direct link to an image.
  • For an arbitrary reason we limited the amount of “today’s events” to three. No more, you can now see all events that happen today.
  • A small bug made it possible that unpublished events could be displayed in a user’s “Speaking at” section.
  • Slideshare coverage now also detects localized domains like correctly;
  • Allow users to set their timezone in account settings, a first new setting for upcoming features.
  • To improve search even more, we strip additional common characters in search to prevent service errors. (,&,<,>,|,",\)
  • Cities Database: From now on we display the real state name instead of the state nickname for US cities.
  • We try to parse failed HTML content types even when there was an error.
  • When you enter a link with a status 404 or 503 the link tester will show the correct error message.
  • Files on our backup server sync correctly. We broke this with a recent software upgrade.
  • To ease form filling we’ve added the minimum character info to all of our password field labels.
  • Profile pictures of linked speakers are being displayed correctly now.
  • The Call for Papers end date has been changed to now include the full last day until 23:59.
  • The Call for Papers tab is now visible to event staff, too, just as it should be.

Thanks for reading until the end and we hope you there’s been a thing or two that you liked. Now that you know all this, head on over and add your event, see which new events have been added recently. Alternatively you can follow us on Twitter and spread the word ;)

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