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Attending Conferences: More Than Worth The While

Two weeks ago, the following tweet by Star Simpson resonated with many, received almost a thousand retweets and many great replies:

RT if a connection you've made at a technical conference has ever significantly impacted your career. —@starsandrobots

Its thread shows the importance of attending conferences and meeting inspiring people one can learn from. Experiences range from making new friends, getting new projects or landing jobs, to collaborations, book deals, general motivation and personal inspiration. Some people even said it helped them shaping their lives.
If Tobias, Anselm and I wouldn’t attend beyond tellerrand year after year, Colloq would not exist today.

Karri Saarinen presenting at Nordic Design photo by Teemu Paananen (@xteemu) on Unsplash

I firmly believe that conferences can provide a lot of value for people in an industry. Conferences allow people to create a network, which helps them feel integrated in a community and profession. —Eric Holscher

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to attend the conferences they would like to. While there are many companies who support conference attendances and even encourage their employees to speak at events, many others are yet to understand the value it can bring.
A conference’s value to a company’s employees who attend it will in turn have a huge benefit for the company, too. Most times this will lead to higher motivation and a better skillset, among many other advantages. Let’s hope that more and more companies will offer training budgets and days off for their employees to learn, grow and get inspired.

Education is key to a better society. With Colloq we always wanted to do more than providing a conference listing site. A big motivation to build Colloq is to make it a useful tool and resource. Part of it is collecting event material that people will be able to enjoy and learn from. Event media coverage can consist of video recordings, slide decks, photos, reviews or blog posts among others.

Not only do we want to do this for future events, but want to collect these resources for past events as well. A talk from years ago might not be very helpful to some, but can be gold for others. If you are a developer, pretty sure you’ve been searching for “how to center elements with CSS” more than once and finding resources on how to fix it can be very helpful. Not only newcomers, but also seasoned experts in our fast-moving industry will always need to learn the ever-evolving tools of the trade. For us, that is one of the good reasons to make (and even more importantly keep!) these resources available.

Have a look what e have to offer, sign up for free and give Colloq a try, if you haven’t done so yet.

Photo credit: Teemu Paananen

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