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Here the developers at Colloq will share their experiences with technological approaches, share solutions and explain how solutions or infrastructure can be built.

  1. Auto-Resizing Textareas with ECMAScript 6

    We recently added auto-resizing textarea elements to our service and here’s how we managed to do that with just a few lines of code in JavaScript.

  2. Better Design System Component Semantics

    While there is a lot of information on the bigger picture of design systems available today, many smaller day-to-day issues aren't covered enough. Today we want to share some insights on how we approached component semantics in our own system to achieve better semantics and greater flexibility.

  3. Service Outage on April 2nd, 2018

    Yesterday, on April 2nd, 2018 we realized that parts of our service were responding with a server error. This affected all pages where a request to our database was made and lasted for 4 hours until we had our mitigation in place. Here’s what happened and what we’re going to do to improve the situation.

  4. How Our Password Check Works

    Security and privacy are a big concern for us at Colloq and we do take it seriously. We want to make Colloq a safe and secure platform and are taking certain measures to help ensure it is and stays this way. Because of that, our platform features an advanced password validity check that we want to talk about.

  5. Safari’s <details>/<summary> rem font-size issue

    Current Safari versions have weird issues with the rem unit that can be hard to debug. For reference, we write about weird font-sizing in Safari when using a &lt;details&gt; element on a website. This blog article is about WebKit Bug 173876.

  6. Securing Platform Stability With Acceptance Testing

    Building a brand new service means a lot of changes in the beginning. Definitions change, permission models change, and modules get refactored often. At some point we got the feeling that we’re not sure if all the permissions were implemented as per definition. For some components we realised that we didn’t even have a definition at all. Writing Acceptance tests helps us building a more robust platform.