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Feature in Detail

Find articles that explain details about specific features on Colloq to make the most out of this service.

  1. Find events easier

    A couple of users reported that they didn’t find the search on our site easily and we tracked it down to the homepage where we had a ‘clever’ mechanism in place to hide the search in the navigation bar. A user experience lesson.

  2. Feature in Detail: Call for Papers Messages

    Our Call for Papers feature just got a new feature: Messages. This allows organizers to communicate with your participants, or as speakers with the organizers.

  3. Colloq Account Deletion

    In the light of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we wanted to provide a convenient way for our users to delete their accounts. While compliance only says that a service needs to offer a way for users to request their data deletion, we wanted to go one step further and offer an easy way that doesn’t require manual work from us. Here is our account deletion tool. Right to be Forgotten …

  4. Data Export on Colloq

    Because we at Colloq like to do things the “right” way, we are now fully GDPR compliant and are happy to announce that from now on, all our users will find an option labeled “Export account data…” in their account settings. Find out how, why and what else in this short post.

  5. Feature in Detail: Call for Papers

    Event organizers can create a Call for Papers to collect talk proposals for their event and find interesting speakers. Depending on your subscription there are a variety of features you can use and in this article we’ll explain what is possible.