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This category contains a variety of articles about generic topics that don’t get a dedicated category in our blog.

  1. Our Downtime After a Spam Attack

    Over the last weekend we have been hit by a spam attack and as a result, had to temporarily shut down our servers. Here is our detailed report to what has happened. Note: This incident was a spam attack which flooded our platform with random events and no data has been compromised, breached or leaked.

  2. Better Feedback for Talk Proposals

    Over the years, the web and tech conference scene has grown a lot and so has the amount of speakers who have something to share. This is a great development and for many people a conference isn’t far away anymore. Providing better feedback for Call for Papers submissions will give potential speakers the ability to improve. This way speakers can learn and as a result, conferences will receive better submissions in the coming years.

  3. Best Practices for Call for Papers

    When running a Call for Papers for your next conference, it’s important to get potential speakers interested and to receive the best responses for your event to choose from. To improve the submissions you’ll receive and to limit the administrative work that comes with running a CfP, we’ve collected some tips which will hopefully help you get the most out of your next Call for Papers.

  4. Saving costs

    Since our launch in November, things have changed a lot for us at Colloq. Our service grew a lot, we gained new users, some of which pay happily for our service already to get extra features. And we built more features to match your needs. But as we grow, things change…

  5. Attending Conferences: More Than Worth The While

    Two weeks ago, a tweet by Star Simpson resonated with many, received almost a thousand retweets and motivated us to write the following post.

  6. Our Plans, Features and What’s at the Heart of Colloq

    When we started out building Colloq, we had a few premises that we want to stick to. What started with the aim to build a better platform has now turned into real, usable product with great features. In this post we want to highlight some of the features of our current plans for a better understanding of what Colloq is about and what you can do with it.

  7. Why we don’t have a Lanyrd import

    While we’re completely aware that many of you have collected and curated a lot of useful content on Lanyrd, we’re most likely not going to offer any data import. This post describes why.

    Read more…

  8. Hey there, we’re here!

    Today we can excitedly announce that we’re now live with our new platform Colloq. If you’re as excited as we are, please sign up, spread the word, and support our platform by using it actively. — Cheers, Anselm, Tobias & Holger.

  9. Why We Don’t Publish Our Sprint Goals On Twitter Anymore

    A few weeks ago we started to tweet our Sprint goals and after a Sprint we posted whether we achieved it or not. This week we stopped doing that and we want to tell you why. While we believe openness is key to our service, Twitter is not the right decision to share complex information such as project progress in a very short message.

    Read the Status Update

  10. Hello World. Hello Colloq.

    The story of Colloq began at a conference. We’ve been frequently going to conferences for a few years now and always talked about a better way to preserve the content that conferences produce. It made us realise that none of us was satisfied with the existing offers and that it was time to do something about it. On April 1st we published our first landing page.

    Read more about how this project started »