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Project Management

In this category we publish articles in which we share about our project management experiences.

  1. Profile photo of Anselm Hannemann

    The Tools We Use To Stay Afloat — 2019 Edition

    Anselm Hannemann on

    Two years ago we shared our worfklow and work principles at Colloq. Since then, a lot changed, we experimented quite a bit with various approaches and now I want to describe our current new state of “The tools we use to stay afloat”.

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  2. Profile photo of Tobias Tom

    The Tools We Use To Stay Afloat

    Tobias Tom on

    Like many people we’re used to working with Jira and other big tools for project management. These tools work quite well for large projects and teams. But at Colloq where we are only three people, using Jira would hinder our productivity—it’s too complex for our use case. This is the story about what tools we use and how we make them work for us.

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  3. Profile photo of Tobias Tom

    Remote Managing A Side-Project Across The Globe

    Tobias Tom on

    Most of us know that running a side-project can be a daunting and rather difficult task to successfully manage, even and especially on your own. For a project involving three people, all working on client projects in parallel, making progress on a side-project is a challenge. We learned this the hard way, and here’s how we turned it around…

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