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Who’s Colloq For?

If you’re unsure whether Colloq is something for you or why you can use it and what for, we now give you more guidance with our new landing pages for specific target groups. As a complex service, it’s hard to combine everything on one page, so here are three:

For Organizers

If you organize any event, no matter if it’s a meetup, conference, class or workshop, you can use Colloq to promote and organize your event. Here is a dedicated landing page just for you.

For Attendees

Next up are attendees and all of you who are interested in any sort of events. Want to find your next local workout class? Want to attend a workshop on how to make your own beauty products? Learn how to cook? Learn a new language or go to a educational conference for your job? Use Colloq as attendee and create event collections, organize your stays, get news from the events and see who else will join.

For Speakers

As speakers, it’s hard to find and organize your speaking appearances in one place. With Colloq you can find events, list yourself as speaker or get added by the organizers. You can find open Call for Papers and directly apply from here with your talk and see your coverage afterwards. See all advantages for Speakers.

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