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Our Plans, Features and What’s at the Heart of Colloq

When we started out building Colloq, we had a few premises that we agreed to stick to. We wanted to build a sustainable product under our own control so we can decide where to take it in the future. This is the reason why we don’t want any outside investments or Venture Capital and try to keep dependencies to a minimum. We don’t use tools that would hinder or limit us in going into a particular direction.

We want to create a platform that has its focus on user benefits. We strongly believe that creating a better experience will result in happier users and because of that, benefits ourselves.

For us, a good user experience starts by not displaying any ads or other annoyances. This usually leads to a more secure and non-invasive product that people enjoy using and feel safe with.

Running a successful company and being able to make a living from it, requires to create revenue and preferably, profit. To achieve that, we offer different paid subscriptions next to the free account which provide features that support our users’ needs.

In this post we want to highlight some of our current features for a better understanding of what Colloq is about. To get a better feel for what Colloq can do for you, see for yourself and join us here. If you want to know more about features we recently added, subscribe to our newsletter or have a look at our blog.

Colloq Basic - Get to know Colloq for free

We want to provide a friendly community which allows everyone to discover and track events they find interesting. This is why we decided early on to allow everyone to join Colloq for free. All of our published events are always available to everyone. We strongly believe that finding great events and conferences that match your interest should not be limited by a paywall.

As important as finding conferences is that we get a lot of events on our platform. To reach this goal, we allow basic accounts to create events for free. Everybody should be able to publish their conference or meetup on our site. If you, for example, don’t need multiple team members, sponsor logos or special branding, we invite you to join Colloq today and publish your event (past or future).

Last but not least we collect content and coverage which is usually available for past and future events alike. This includes everything from slides, videos of the talks, sketch notes or blog articles that describe the vibe and experiences of the event. In actively participating in the archival of this valuable coverage you can help everyone learn and create a valuable resource for professional development at very little or no cost.

Our free Basic plan allows to access media coverage of events that have a paid subscription. Accessing media coverage of all events is a subscription feature which is included in all our paid plans.

Colloq Premium - Expand your knowledge & support us

The Premium plan inherits all the features of the Basic plan. On top of these, Premium users have full access to media coverage of all events that we list on our site. To make Premium user profile pages more professional, we offer additional profile fields to add a job description.

All users with a paid subscription show a small badge on their user profile or the avatar. Besides the aforementioned benefits, your choice of subscription will be supporting Colloq as a platform and its further development.

Organizer Plus - More flexibility for events

Our Organizer Plus plan suits users who organize events (semi-)professionally who need access for a small team to help manage their content or who want to add a custom color for better brand awareness. Sponsors are an important part for many events and to display them nicely, you can add logos and sort them any way you like with this plan. Media coverage for your event will automatically be available to all Colloq users and is a great way to demonstrate the quality of your conference and its content.

This subscription provides all the necessary tools to display and manage your event in a visually appealing way, while reaching potential attendees with quality content.

Organizer Pro - For professional organizers & teams

Currently the Organizer Pro subscription is our biggest plan and offers even more features for professional event organizers. If you run multiple events with longer schedules, have different venues, rooms or tracks and want to manage this information easily, this plan is for you.

As all plans on Colloq, the Organizer Pro subscription inherits all benefits from its smaller sibling plans, yet adding useful features.

Creating schedules can be tedious and to make this process a little easier, we have created what we call our “Interactive Schedule Planner”. With drag and drop creating your schedule will get easier, especially before its finalized.

With this plan you can take even more care of your sponsors: Add a link, description and your sponsor‘s Twitter handle to make them shine, while they‘re ready for clicks.

Join Colloq to make a little dent

We hope you now have a better understanding of our plans, their features and the value that they can add for yourself as well as others. If you have found your choice of plan, we‘re also saying thanks for being a supporter, which in turn will allow us to build more features that you‘ll like :)

Upgrade your event life. Get started now and try Colloq for free.

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