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Easily Change Your Colloq Newsletter Subscription

Just yesterday we announced improvements to our email service and today we’d like to show you a new way to manage your newsletter subscription preferences in your Colloq account.

Our newsletter is available to everyone, including people who have no Colloq account. We now make it easier for our existing users to choose whether to receive the monthly writing or not. By default, you will not receive the newsletter as want to make it our users’ choice and not ours to read the content. And while we try our best to add value to the newsletters we can understand very well that a lot of users prefer to not get another email each month.

Account Settings

Screenshot of the new account settings for the newsletter subscription focused on the specific section

From now on you can manage your newsletter subscription settings in your account settings. It’s as easy to opt-out as to opt-in so if you change your mind, don’t worry — we’ll let you decide and won’t force you into anything.

Newsletter Signup

We also improved the look and copy of the generic newsletter subscription page people usually land on. Instead of only providing you a blank form, we now give you hints on what content you can expect before you subscribe to it. While at it, we revamped all the little individual action pages (confirm subscription, etc) and made them look consistent and much nicer than before.

Mock up of screenshots of the new design on the newsletter action pages

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