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First Real Team Meeting, Your Data, Your Choices & Many Small Improvements

Over the past weeks we’ve been working hard to give you more choice about your data and we’re going to continue investing time to build tools that allow you to provide us with your open data or to use your data via our services. Apart from that we improved our service and implemented feedback from our users. Here’s a summary…

…but first

Two weeks ago we attended the lovely beyondtellerrand conference in Düsseldorf 2018 which has nice coverage to explore. This marked our 6-months live date and also was our first in-person meeting since two years as a team working together. Some pretty special few days!

Photo of the three of us at the beyondtellerrand conference meeting for the first time after two years and since founding Colloq, standing on the pavement fooling around with each other On the left you can see Tobias, in the middle Anselm and Holger is on the right. Photo credit: Stefan Nitzsche

During the event we gathered a lot of feedback and discussed a lot about what we want to do to make Colloq a great tool for you. If you have feedback or ideas, keep it coming. If you’re not part of Colloq yet, maybe join the family.

Improvements and Changes on the Colloq Platform

  • You can now export your data whenever you want to.
  • You can now delete your account, if you would want to.
  • It’s not necessary anymore to verify your account from the same browser and device you registered.
  • We optimized our CSS code to avoid our users seeing this Chromium regression way too prominently. Gladly, the Chromium team was super quick in identifying the issue, confirming it, and providing a fix for it so the issue which you might see on other websites as well (element transforms during pageload) will be gone soon.
  • We reduced the font-size in the sidebars to make them easier to read.
  • Our newsletter used the Colloq logo as SVG which isn’t supported in Google Inbox so we now show a PNG instead to ensure our logo is displayed nicely in our emails.
  • We now let you opt-in to receive our newsletter during the registration. This is completely optional but some users asked for it and now it’s easier to subscribe to our news.
  • We needed to disable the Tito and Eventbrite ticket integrations as both companies weren’t able to provide us with a GDPR compliant Data Processing Agreement which we’d need to have in order to show the widgets. We’re going to monitor this and try bringing back this functionality.
  • We removed Gravatar for the same reason (not GDPR compliant at this point) and now have custom default avatars. That said, we’d love if you upload your own picture to your profile to make it even nicer for people to view your profile.
  • Some server errors occurred for some of you and we fixed most of them already. Should you ever see new ones are logged immediately and we’re always going to investigate as soon as we can to fix them.
  • Event organizers now can officially delete rooms. We always allowed them to do that but never showed them the controls for it. This is now fixed.
  • You’re now seeing a much nicer error message if you add a URL to an event’s coverage and it’s already there.
  • We improved accessibility on some actions that had no labels or titles yet or even weren’t a button yet, thanks to a user who kindly reported these issues.
  • When you click on "attend" or "follow" but aren’t logged in, you’re not getting an error anymore but see the correct status and success message.

Quite a bunch of things we achieved in the past weeks.

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