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Hello World. Hello Colloq.

The story of Colloq began at a conference. We've been going to Beyond Tellerrand in Germany for a few years and always talked about a better way to preserve the excellent content that conferences produce and make it available to people who want to learn, but couldn't be there. It made us realise that none of us was satisfied with the existing offers in this space and that it was time to do something about it. On April 1st we published our first landing page, for one to put a little more pressure on ourselves and secondly, to get it out there and spread the word.

Colloq will be a platform that closes the circle between conference organisers, speakers and attendees in an enjoyable and helpful way. We want Colloq to be the central point to create these connections by offering comprehensive, rich and useful content around events. Our vision is to make it easy for organisers, speakers and attendees alike to find and manage everything, from basic event information to available media and publications, in one place.

From the very beginning of the project, we had a few ideas that we felt very strongly about and we included them in Colloq:

Privacy and the open web

We support the idea of an open web. We want to create a friendly and secure community, that offers value for our users. We value privacy. That's why we decided to not use any tracking software, and to limit any required third-party tools or services that collect our users' data to a minimum.

A sustainable business model

We want to create a sustainable business model so that we don't have to rely on external funding, which in turn could influence our business decisions and possibly the direction of the project. To achieve this, we will offer paid subscriptions with extended feature sets in addition to our basic accounts. Challenge accepted.

The brand

As for the brand itself, we wanted it to be friendly, welcoming and meaningful, reflecting what we do and what's at our core. The name Colloq derived from the latin word "colloquium":

A colloquy is a conversation, and especially an important, high-level discussion. Colloquy and colloquium once meant the same thing, though today colloquium always refers to a conference. Because of its old "conversation" meaning, however, a colloquium is a type of conference with important question-and-answer periods. (Source)

What's next?

At this time, we are working on Colloq in our spare time, thus we don't have a fixed schedule to go live yet. Nevertheless, we are planning to launch a private beta within the next few weeks, followed by our public launch before summer.

We hope you'll come back for more updates as we post them.

Stay tuned and have a great day,
Holger, Tobias, Anselm

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