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Meet the Organizers!

Event organisers have a tough job. They spend hundreds of hours and a lot of energy into organising an event, but are rarely known personally by the attendees. Since we’re all about connecting people, we want to give our users the possibility to get to know the people doing all the hard work to bring these conferences to life.

Our event pages now feature a new section that is entirely dedicated to the people who are organizing the event. This change allows our users to learn more about the organiser and their team, what drives and motivates them and what else they might be up to.

We also want to encourage organizers to complete their public profile, share more about themselves and to better connect with their audience.

Screenshot of the new section about organizers showing an organizer profile with job description, biography and of related links

We are also working on another new feature that will bring users and organizers even closer together. More on this will follow soon…

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