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More Coverage Services & Embedding Colloq

Coverage Now Supports YouTube And Slideshare

This week we added two additional services to our link parser to provide a better experience for our users. Over time, we will add more, but for now you can see the newly implemented Slideshare and YouTube coverage links.

Coverage is a paid feature so either the event needs a paid account so it’s publicly visible or alternatively the user who wants to view it needs a premium account.


Since Slideshare doesn’t offer a real API, we used our web parser and their OpenGraph tags to collect the most important information of the slidedecks.

Screenshot of a Slideshare slidedeck on an event page’s coverage


If you add a YouTube video or playlist, we will recognize which type you added and links will be displayed with their respective information. You can see it in action at Material 2017.

Screenshot of an YouTube link coverage example

Embed Colloq Links On Your Website

We now also offer you a share snippet that lets you include a link and icon to your Colloq user profile or your event page. We’d be glad to see you adding our icon to your website and think it’s a useful addition for your friends and attendees, who might follow you or your event on Colloq.

Screenshot showing the modal of the "embed your event" snippet that lets you copy the code

Smaller Changes

  • We now inherit the event series logo if no custom event logo is set to serve recurring events’ needs better;
  • We published a blog post called “How our password check works”, which explains the measures we take to secure our platform and our users;
  • We simplified our copy text in various places and made things clearer. We hope it’s now more understandably.

That’s it for this week (Sprint 41).

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