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New: Filter Event Coverage Links

Today we’re introducing filters for event coverage to all our paying users and events. Coverage in general is a paid feature that you can access if either the event pays for the feature or if you’re a subscribed Premium-user. This makes it easier to find specific content by providing you type-filters for links to e.g. just show videos or slides.

The freshly introduced sidebar on event coverage pages now lets you filter the links by specific content types. In many cases when looking for event content it can be useful to only see recorded videos or the slides of a talk, not everything. It’s now easier to explore event content in the way you want to.

Over the past weeks we’ve been changing the layout of the coverage links and unified the design. It’s now cleaner, more consistent and easier to digest while coming in a modern look.

Technically, we refactored the codebase for the coverage almost completely and changed the CSS layouting to use CSS Grid where reasonable.


You can view this feature live on Accessibility Club #7 (available to anyone!), as well as on Purpose 2018 and JSConf Iceland 2018. Thanks for already using the Coverage feature and making Colloq a useful content platform.

If you would like to use this feature, join Colloq and upgrade to a Premium membership. We’re building this service for you and protect your privacy by charging for some features while offering others for free. Thank you for being part of this journey!

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