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No Colloq updates on Medium anymore

When we started, we thought it’s a good idea to cross-post our article to Medium. Since a while we stopped it now.

When you start out as with a new service, getting attention is key to initial success. In order to grow our audience we wanted to cross-post our articles from our own blog to Medium. But we struggled with this from the beginning as we didn’t want to invest time and effort to implement the API into our service. We used the Mac Paw application but it stopped working for some of us randomly. So we stopped doing it after about over a year.

Today I realised what the difference is: Less effort for us, barely less readers, not less engagement. We never got really much attention on our Medium articles, and way more on our own blog. But also we never liked the practices of Medium who now display metered paywalls and modal overlays all the time. It’s a relief to us to not needing to cross-post to the service anymore and also don’t need to follow discussions there.

We have our own blog, it has a working Atom/RSS feed and you can even subscribe to only certain categories here.

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