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October News

Here’s our sign of life. That said, this is also the main reason why we’ve been more silent than usual—life. Read on for what we’ve done over the past weeks.

We had a bit of a rough time in September with Colloq after a spam attack messed with our plans for development quite a bit. With only three people working on the product it can sometimes be difficult to continue producing stuff, especially as we’re all not working fulltime on Colloq.

Holger was working nearly full time for a client over the past few weeks and then travelled around the world to give some talks at conferences. Anselm was on vacation for two weeks in Greece to recover a bit from a stressful time before and Tobias as well took two weeks of vacation on the Azores. The essence of this is that during the past weeks we’ve not been able to produce a lot of code and thus focused on fixing a few bugs and improving the stability of our service.

Back to our Vision

But during this time we were also able to think about new ways and strategies for Colloq to gain more traction. This includes a fresh prioritization of the features we want to build, leading to the product that we initially had in mind.
We are focusing on providing easier, nicer and free access to educational content collected at events worldwide. But that’s not the only thing: We also realized that organizers can have a hard time finding the things they need or want to update for their events. That’s why we’re currently building a dashboard that will allow easier access all in one place.

Short changelog

  • We’ve introduced manual event approvals (to avoid spam)
  • We’ve introduced manual user approvals (to avoid spam)
  • We now ask users to verify themselves via a one time code to ensure they’re humans and not bots
  • We don’t show collections anymore that contained no published events (which effectively made them appear as a broken link)
  • We refactored a couple of our tests to make them work reliably again
  • We fixed the form validation message on password fields, this was completely misleading—thanks for the feedback!

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