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Our Latest Update on Sprint 32

Last week we shifted from writing about our progress on Twitter to explaining what we do in more detail here on our blog. Today we want to share the latest updates on our current and upcoming sprint with you.

Over the past week we removed some legacy code from our codebase and Tobias continued the onboarding for the final server infrastructure.

We fixed some bugs with the Eventbrite ticket integration and the Event pages. We simplified the options menu for event owners for an improved user experience.
We also implemented some more AJAX quick actions to follow/unfollow events on the event overview pages, which saves us a ton of request bytes and makes the usage of this feature much more user friendly.

After activating the Content Security Policy we had to fix several issues in the codebase that occurred as a result. Other than that we optimised our production database and added additional security features to ensure that we can keep our users and the community a safe place. More details about that will be available here soon.

Finally, we started adding first events to our (not yet public) live instance of our service. This will helpus find remaining issues and allows us to invite organisers to see sneak previews of how their event can be presented on Colloq.

What’s coming up next week?

We’ll add more content to our live platform, and perform some more tests with the new data. We’re then planning to do a few more performance improvements to common database queries and set up the automated backups for our production environment.

With that we should be close to done and we’re looking forward to the next stage for Colloq.

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