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What’s new: Bugfixes, Accessibility Improvements & Blog Categories

In Sprint 47 we focused on solving a couple of bugs, improve the accessibility of our platform and added categories to our blog.

Accessibility Improvements

While we built Colloq with accessibility in mind, our application keeps on growing and sometimes things break. It’s a big challenge to test accessibility in an automated way and to keep track of everything we build. So when we asked some people about the accessibility of Colloq we received feedback on a few issues that were not optimal for screenreader users.

We have now fixed some minor issues in our codebase and one larger issue with our event cards, which had nested interactive content, hence little useful announcements of their content and link targets. Event cards now do not announce unuseful text anymore, but focus on the most important information: event title, location, date and where the event card link will take you.

We’re grateful for all your feedback and would love to get even more feedback to improve the accessibility and usability of our site.

Noticeable Changes

  • We have added categories to our blog, so you can choose which articles you want to read and which not. In addition to the complete feed, we now have dedicated Atom feeds for each category available.
  • We now set X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff headers for JavaScript and CSS files to improve the security of our platform.
  • We fixed a bug with our new search. When entering a search term including a colon (e.g. “border:none”), it now just works and doesn‘t throw a server error anymore.

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