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What‘s New: Call for Papers and More Events

Retrospectives are supposed to show you how the team felt in the last Sprint. This time we all feel pretty good about the things we’ve archived: we worked on two huge new features, deployed one of them and added a lot of new events to our catalog. Here are the details.

Call for Papers

We want Colloq to be a platform that helps organisers, speakers and attendees in every step of an event. This week we focused on making the connection between potential speakers and organisers a little bit easier. Organisers can now open their events on Colloq to receive talk proposals and our users can submit their ideas easily. With that we integrated a simple submit, review, accept and decline workflow with email notifications throughout the whole process.

Call for Paper Screenshots

As we want our sprint updates to be as brief as possible, we will describe the whole feature in a dedicated post soon. Still, if you want to start a Call for Papers today, sign up with an Organizer Professional plan and create your event now. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

One more thing: if you want to manage your call for papers outside of Colloq, we allow every event (including free accounts) to reference that URL. This will make sure you get the same indicators, but can use the best choice for yourself.

Events, Events and Events

Many of you gave us feedback that we need more events and we couldn’t agree more. With the improvements we implemented last sprint, we now added over a hundred new events to Colloq, and we will continue to add more in the future. You can always suggest new events as well.

As we want the quality of our content to be as good as possible and like to avoid spam, we keep this a manual process for now. Unfortunately that means that most of these events currently do not have the rich details as the ones managed by organisers themselves. We don’t want to use other peoples’ logos, artwork and content without their approval, that’s why they all have a little ‘unclaimed’ badge associated with them.
If you know the organiser of one of these events, feel free to tell them about Colloq. We would be very happy to see them claiming their events and make their content available — for free.

Screenshot of the Call for Papers feature

The little things

As always, we continue to fix some of the known issues, one at a time:

  • A layout issue with our suggest and create event section on small screens is now resolved.
  • We added a badge to the event details page if an event is not yet published. That should make it easier to distinguish them from your already public ones.
  • If the unclaimed events did already contain a logo, we previously showed it inside the events’ feed. This was not intentional and we removed it.
  • From now on we don’t show the map section on the venue page anymore if no venue has geo location data associated to it. Nobody likes empty sections with no content.
  • There was an issue with invalid input values for start and end times for sessions. The error did not do any harm, but caused server error pages. The input is now correctly converted.
  • The monthly pages for our events did return a not found page, when if there are events. That problem is now also gone.

As mentioned in the introduction we also worked on another huge feature which is not yet ready to be shown to the public. You should come back next year to search for it.

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