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What’s new: Cleaner Event Cards, Improved Navigation

Today we are happy to announce a few new features, bugfixes and improvements to you. We mainly took care about improving the user experience for you by simplifying and clarifying our design to match your needs better and fixed a couple of annoying things as well.

Cleaner Event Cards

The event cards you can find on the homepage, event overview pages and on several other places on Colloq have been there right from the start. When we initially developed them, they contained less information, different content and their look supported the shown content quite well. But as we added functionality and useful additional information to the cards, the visual appearance and scanability (Ability to easily scan chunks of information very quickly without reading/parsing the actual content) suffered. We now changed the design of the event cards to improve the situation and provide a cleaner, easier to flick-through overview page while still showing you the most relevant information about an event.

Screenshot of the event overview page showing the new cleaner, improved event card design

See Available Coverage On Event Cards

Speaking about more useful event cards we now indicate if an event has coverage available. As Premium users have generic access to coverage of all events listed on Colloq, it was a bit hard to find events that have coverage. With this indicator it’s now way easier to find coverage. But we’re not stopping here and will continue improving the experience to discover and explore coverage of events in future.

Screenshot mock-up of three different event cards indicating that they have coverage available

Better “Add Event” Navigation

We improved the look and feel of one of the main actions in the site navigation: The “Add Event” menu was hidden behind only an icon and contained two link titles that were not entirely clear to people. Now we revamped the design and copy texts in order to clarify what users can do and which option they should choose. By adding contextual icons to the link texts and a small exemplary description, it’s now easier to understand when to choose the “create your own event” or “suggest an event” action.

Screenshot of the new “add event” navigation layout

Add event to Calendar

It’s now possible to download .ics files for your Calendar on events. This ensures you don’t miss out on events you attend or follow and reminds you shortly before the event. This feature is available for all users with paid plans.

Screenshot of the new “Add event to Calendar” functionality showing the event in a calendar app

Quick actions for event content

We now show quick create actions for content of event pages on the event navigation. This means it’s now easier than ever to add event coverage or, for organizers, to add new speakers, venues and sponsors.

Screenshot of event navigation that now includes contextual quick actions to create content


  • When you link to your event or event pages on Colloq from a service that uses Open Graph information, we now show the event’s logo instead of our own to improve the brand awareness of the linked event.
  • We now show assistive explanations for paid features where an account upgrade would be needed to use them.
  • Various dates and datetime objects are now shown as readable human dates instead of a simple date string.
  • We fixed the event Atom-feed to reference the correct address and show newly added events.
  • YouTube URLs that reference a specific video within a playlist are now recognized as video instead of a playlist.
  • The layout of the blog category overview page looks as intended again now.
  • We added redirects to most actions that require a login so from now on you will land on the intended page again after logging in.
  • We now show nicer title-attribute content in the event header without annyoing tab whitespace in between the individual words.
  • We improved the visual perception of the signup button on our homepage for new people. It’s now easier to recognize this main action and to understand that you can create an account for free.
  • We improved the code and responsive behaviour of the event navigation that will especially benefit events with a lot of detailed information.
  • We fixed a technical issue where we prevented the use of PHP caching by starting a user session immediately. We fixed this now and took off a bit of load from our servers and can serve several pages way faster to you directly from our nginx cache instead of the PHP server.
  • We are now able to parse Vimeo videos that have an album URL for our event coverage. We also output more useful information related to a Vimeo link, such as the video description and a link to the video author.
  • We don’t show a placeholder text anymore when a speaker has no biography attached to their speaker information card. This results in cleaner content that is easier to understand and it looks way better as well.
  • We updated the color of the action button on the pricing page to create a ‘free’ account to green, a more actionable color than our own Colloq-red.
  • On event overview pages we now show two cards less per page to fit the grid row perfectly and improve the layout. Previously we always had a 2/3 ending row which looked suboptimal.

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