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What‘s New: Improved Event Suggestion Handling and Subscription Feature Explanations

Every week we are working to improve the overall experience on Colloq, fix bugs and add new features. Since some of these changes aren‘t visible right away, we like to publish what we worked on and give you some insight into what‘s happening behind the scenes.

Better handling of event suggestions

We‘ve received a lot of feedback on our event suggestions and how we handle them in the background. To make event suggestions work better for everyone, we have implemented some changes that allow us to handle suggested events in a better, faster and more efficient way.

From now on, suggested events that haven‘t been claimed yet will be displayed in a simplified layout with only the minimum amount of information. This allows us to show the most necessary information without risking to run into possible copyright issues. For events that haven‘t been claimed, we display a little badge to state so. Once an event has been claimed, organizers can add additional information and images to their event pages.

List of unclaimed events

This is great improvement which will make handling our suggestions much easier than before. We‘re looking forward to more of your suggestions. You can suggest a new event with a single URL and one simple click. Try it out!

Improved wording and feature explanations

To act on further feedback to make it more clear what our users can do on Colloq, we completely revamped our pricing page and with it, have rewritten all feature explanations. One of the main concerns we wanted to address was that it hasn't been very clear that all users on all plans can create events. The result is a well structured and easier to understand pricing page, that now better explains what features are included in which plan and what you are able to do with each subscription. Have a look for yourself and let us know your thoughts.

Pricing page improvements

Smaller Changes

  • Event Coverage now also supports presentation handling for slides created on
  • Event Coverage: Video thumbnails for Vimeo are now displayed in a better resolution and size
  • Event Coverage: We now detect and add /embed URLs for YouTube and YouTube Channels
  • Additional minor bug fixes in Event Coverage
  • The “follow” icon on event cards now sits in its intended position again
  • Fixed a bug in our account verification process when using a leaked password that prevented users from accessing their account
  • We published a blog post to explain our different plans and their features

As always, thanks for reading what‘s new this week. If you haven‘t tried Colloq yet, you can sign up for free and join our community.

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