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What’s new: Various Bugfixes and Layout Improvements

In the past three weeks we mostly worked on improving the reliability and stability of our platform and improved small parts of the visual appearance of Colloq that looked suboptimal.

Recently Added Events

For your convenience we now added a page where you can see which events have recently been added to Colloq. You can subscribe to this page via its Atom Feed to receive automatic updates as well.

Screenshot showing the new “recently added events” page


  • We fixed the Open Graph and meta description on the Event Series‘ overview page.
  • We wrote various fixes for the code changes related to the new blog categories
  • We fixed an issue with our database migrations. It caused a very short period of time where users couldn’t login to our service due to a service error. It was caused by the migrations plugin that we configured wrongly. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • We now display the success message on the homepage correctly again. We broke it when we put the search field on there, now it looks nice again.
  • The search input fields now look better on small screens and have a consistent border color and edges.
  • When you wanted to follow an event and were redirected to the confirmation page (e.g. due to a login redirect) we now show you the correct page title.
  • When you viewed your own public profile page on a small screen, the “update” button was hidden partially behind your avatar image. This is fixed now.
  • We heard your feedback that the icon we show on events and user profiles to show the embed options was misleading. We now chose a better icon to make clear that this does not trigger a share dialog but options to embed this page.
  • We also improved the visual layout of the embed button and icon on event pages on small screens.
  • We refactored some modules’ code to improve readability and simplified their logic.

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