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Explore the world, responsibly.

We all love attending conferences, travelling to different events and visit new places. Unfortunately, many times these nice things have an impact on our planet and eventually our climate.

To raise a little awareness, we want to give a you some ideas on how to make the most of your travels, and limit the impact that we make.

Combine your trips

If you attend a lot of conferences, extend your stay and combine the trips. Save yourself the hassle of airports and enjoy the city for an extra day or two.

Take a break

Why not turn your conference visit into a short vacation and take your family or friends? We’ve seen it work (and done it) and it’s a great opportunity to have your loved ones around when exploring new places.

Business, anyone?

Could you turn your trip into a business opportunity? Take your chance to meet with clients, colleagues or get inspired at a co-working space. New people can bring business, too.

The Power of Local

By attending and speaking at local events you can support and grow your community, meet new people and possibly new clients or business partners. All without the price tag for expensive travel and less the climate footprint. Not too bad, right?