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Upcoming Events

  1. #UXmas2017


    part of the IxDA Berlin series

    Nine years counting, IxDA Berlin is pulling together all Berlin Design Communities for the annual UXmas, and this year is no different. Let’s mingle for the season’s …

  2. Building Apps with Electron

    Building Apps with Electron

    part of the Webworker NRW series

    You might already use desktop software written in JavaScript: Popular apps like Atom, Slack, or Visual Studio Code use the framework Electron to combine the power of the …

  3. Accessibility Club #7 with Marcy Sutton & Robin Christopherson

    Accessibility Club #7 with Marcy Sutton & Robin Christopherson

    Hands-on webworker meetup about all things web accessibility & assistive technology, this time with special guest Marcy Sutton, proud side event of beyond tellerrand …

  4. beyond tellerrand // MUNICH 2018

    beyond tellerrand // MUNICH 2018

    part of the beyondtellerrand series

    Something new is cooking for you. From January 15–17, 2018 we gonna meet for the very first beyond tellerrand in Munich. Join us for a creative kick-off into the new …

  5. Script'18


    part of the ScriptConf series

    Script is a 100% independent one-day, curated and handcrafted JavaScript event for the community, happening in Linz, Austria. Join us on January 19, 2018 for a day (and …

  6. Talk.CSS max-content edition

    Talk.CSS max-content edition

    Talk.CSS is an event organised by SingaporeCSS, the meet-up group for all things CSS on this little red dot. Join our Gitter group for some lively discussion and …

  7. SustainableUX 2018

    SustainableUX 2018

    The conference for UX, front-end, and product people who want to make a positive impact—on climate-change, social equality, and inclusion.

  8. BOB Konferenz 2018

    BOB Konferenz 2018

    What happens when we use what's best for a change? …

  9. TOCA ME 18

    TOCA ME 18

    A journey full of inspiration, from graphic design and illustration to creative coding, film and motion graphics. …

  10. Web à Québec (WAQ18)
    Quebec City

    Web à Québec (WAQ18)

    Mis en place par la communauté numérique de Québec autant pour les passionnés du web que pour ceux qui veulent le découvrir, le Web à Québec recherche …

  11. SmashingConf San Francisco
    San Francisco

    SmashingConf San Francisco

    One track, two conference days, 14 brilliant speakers, and just 500 available seats. CSS Grid, Design systems, new frontiers of CSS and JavaScript, accessibility, …

  12. #devone 2018

    #devone 2018

    part of the #devone series

    The cloud, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the conference Devone. Its one-day mission: To explore the hottest topics of DevOps, to seek out new challenges in …

  13. beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2018

    beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2018

    part of the beyondtellerrand series

    Eight years in Düsseldorf. We are happy to be back. Mark the dates May 7th to 9th (plus Side Events before) and join us for a few days of inspiration and networking.

  14. CSSconf EU

    CSSconf EU

    CSSconf EU is a one-day, one-track community conference dedicated to everyone who loves and writes CSS. …

  15. 2018
    Hong Kong 2018

    part of the Webconf.Asia series 2018 is a two day conference featuring awesome talks with practical advice from international web experts. The conference will be accompanied by two …

  16. Barcelona

    ADDC - App Design & Development Conference 2018

    part of the ADDC series

    ADDC is an annual single-track conference for app designers & developers held in Barcelona. This year it will take place on 4-6 July 2018. …

  17. Form Function & Class 9

    Form Function & Class 9

    part of the Form Function Class series

    Enjoyed FFC8? Then save the date! …

  18. Bring It, Together! 2018
    Niagara Falls

    Bring It, Together! 2018

    Bring IT, Together is a 3-day conference hosted by ECOO and OASBO-ICT. Also know as BIT, the conference is Ontario’s premier educational technology conference. Hundreds …

Past Events

  1. Das 1. Webworker Komaglotzen!

    Das 1. Webworker Komaglotzen!

    part of the Webworker NRW series

    Es gibt soooo viele gute Vortragsvideos im Netz - und nie findet man die Zeit, sie alle angemessen zu würdigen. Warum also nicht mal einen Videoabend mit Getränken und …

  2. dotJS 2017

    dotJS 2017

    The largest JavaScript conference in Europe …

  3. dotCSS 2017

    dotCSS 2017

    The largest CSS conference in Europe …

  4. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Remote User Testing

    The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Remote User Testing

    part of the Webworker NRW series

    Remote user testing is a cheap and simple way to tighten feedback loops and increase confidence in design decision; yet, few people actually use it on a regular basis. …

  5. Clarity 2017
    San Francisco

    Clarity 2017

    part of the Clarity series

    The first ever design systems conference, Clarity, returns in San Francisco with a single track 2-day conference followed by 1 day of workshops.

  6. Hack\Talks 2017

    Hack\Talks 2017

    Hack\Talks is a two track Keynote conference designed to get you up to speed with the very latest news and trends in Web Development and Graphics. …

  7. Pixel Pioneers Belfast

    Pixel Pioneers Belfast

    A one-day conference of practical and inspiring talks, featuring eight world-class speakers, sandwiched by a Shopify side event on the Wednesday and a choice of two …

  8. IxDAb #63: Principles over Process

    IxDAb #63: Principles over Process

    part of the IxDA Berlin series

    As the days grow colder we are rubbing our hands together in preparation to welcome our following event’s guest, Jeff Gothelf. Nicknamed the King of Lean, at event #63 …

  9. Mapathon OSMGeoWeek Toulouse

    Mapathon OSMGeoWeek Toulouse

    Venez nous aider à cartographier sur OpenStreetMap, la carte du monde collaborative et libre pendant l’OSMGeoWeek …

  10. Hong Kong

    Harbour Front #20

    Whoopteedoo! We are back! And so is Gregor Wilson. We have hosted him before, and this November we are hosting him again. …

  11. beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2017

    beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2017

    part of the beyondtellerrand series

    So, 2017's edition in Düsseldorf was sold out again in March already. Why not being early then with announcing bits of what we have for the fourth edition in Berlin? As …

  12. IxDAb #62: Design or Decoration?

    IxDAb #62: Design or Decoration?

    part of the IxDA Berlin series

    Cortana. Alexa. Siri. OK Google. Perhaps we had forgotten these names over our summer break. Getting back into the swing of things at work, we may be reflecting our life …

  13. Form Function & Class 8
    City of Taguig

    Form Function & Class 8

    part of the Form Function Class series

    Form Function & Class returns September 16! Get ready for another jam-packed day of learning the latest, most important ideas in digital design & front-end, …

  14. Coldfront 2017

    Coldfront 2017

    Get inspired for tomorrow's front-end challenges and see what the future brings for mobile and front-end development. …

  15. Nightlybuild 2017

    Nightlybuild 2017

    A web… …

  16. Material 2017

    Material 2017

    Let's re-explore the material Web and evaluate what we have learned so far. Join us in Reykjavik, Iceland for a trip through history, views and cultures. …

  17. ADDC 2017

    ADDC 2017

    part of the ADDC series

    Bringing together iOS & Android Designers & Developers …

  18. 2017
    Hong Kong 2017

    part of the Webconf.Asia series is a one day conference featuring awesome talks with practical advice from international web experts.

  19. #devone 2017

    #devone 2017

    part of the #devone series

    Behold! Outer space experts bring latest knowledge to devs and ops! Devone Linz kicks of a series of developer events for devs and ops interested in CD/CI, Security, …

  20. Script'17


    part of the ScriptConf series

    The JavaScript conference this city needs. …

  21. Clarity 2016
    San Francisco

    Clarity 2016

    part of the Clarity series

    The first ever design systems conference, Clarity, is a single track 2-day event in San Francisco.