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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

23rd September to 12th October 2019

Rishikesh, India

The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India gives you a solid foundation if you aspire to be a Yoga Teacher. If you just want to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga, it gives you confidence to work towards your own unique expression of yoga as you evolve in your practice. Highlights of The Course

  • You will learn asanas and techniques that are traditional and have evolved over centuries in India.
  • Through the study of anatomy and physiology, we will go deeper into the execution and alignment of asanas.
  • By understanding the parts, you will start understanding the whole – gaining confidence in practising the asanas safely and with maximum benefit.
  • Understand the philosophy of Yoga to transcend asanas and to understand the real purpose of Yoga.
  • Focus on Pranayama, Mantras and Meditation to reach and experience the subtle aspects of Yoga practice.

Duration - 3 Weeks

  • First Week - Introduction To Yoga
  • Second Week - Deepening the practice, Alignment & Adjustments.
  • Third Week - Class Presentation, Assignment Submission & Evaluation.

Overview of the Course

Why Three Weeks ?

With almost 15 Years of experience in conducting the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Courses for the duration of four weeks, as a Yoga school we discovered many things. In all of these discoveries one thing was common and that was the collective downfall of group's energy level, especially as we approach the fourth week. We observed that it's really very difficult for most of the participants to maintain the disciplined presence in all the scheduled classes for the four weeks and they start missing the important sessions.

We do understand that practicing and learning Yoga almost 8-10 hours a Day is not an easy task, on top the amount of information is too big and they need time to digest all of it. As we know that Yoga not only challenges the practitioners physically but emotionally & spiritually as well. In this scenario it becomes even more challenging for the participants to maintain the same level of curiosity & enthusiasm for the duration of Four weeks and they get disoriented. All of this happens because in 200hr Yoga TTC, most of the participants are beginners and they haven't developed a sense of regularity and discipline in their practice yet. So the Management of Rishikesh Yogpeeth has decided to do it for three weeks, which is a perfect duration, neither too long nor too short.

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