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2020 Census: What is at risk for Public Health?

16th October 2019


Wednesday, October 16th 12:00 - 1:00 PM [2nd October Webinar]

→ The 2020 Census and the ACS are currently facing fiscal, operational, and policy threats that could jeopardize a fair and accurate count, which would weaken data used by the health care, education, housing, and local government. This webinar will present how New York State is preparing for the 2020 Census, including findings from the State Complete Count Commission report on issues that have led to past undercounts in New York State. The U.S. Census Bureau will present plans for the 2020 Census, including the use of new technology for the enumeration process and efforts to build partnerships to reach hard-to-count populations. Learn what’s at risk and how public health stakeholders (you) can do to ensure an accurate count in NYS.

Cate Teuten Bohn, MPH, NYS Council on Children & Families., Rich Tobe, NYS Department of Labor., & Jeff Behler, U.S. Census

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