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500-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - Advanced Teacher Training Course

3rd January to 28th February 2021

Arambol, India

Starting from 5th of every month – Arambol Beach, Goa – 500-Hour Yoga Alliance Course "Amazing New Training Course… 7 Modules, 7 Trainers, and 34 Powerful Days that Will Change the Way You Practice and Teach… Forever!"

Dear Yoga Teachers, If you're a certified teacher (or soon-to-be) and feel like your yoga practice has reached a plateau and you're wondering, “What’s next?” then we would like to introduce you to our 500-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course. One of the only teacher training programs designed specifically for existing teachers!

Here's why this is so important: If you're like most yoga teachers I work with, after a while, you get so wrapped up in teaching that you lose touch with your personal practice. Many teachers reach a point where they're not learning or practicing anything new, and worse yet, it's always geared toward beginners whenever they go to a training or workshop. Here's why you’ll Love this Advanced Training:  BECOME A STUDENT AGAIN – burnout and fatigue are real concerns that all teachers must battle with, and ALWAYS, the way to overcome burnout is through relighting the fire of your own practice. During the course, you’ll be a full-time student again for 34 days. Finally, you can be the one asking questions, seeking advice, and sitting on the receiving side of the student-teacher relationship.  INCREASE YOUR VALUE – as the yoga community matures, so do the requirements of employers. Many of my friends who own yoga studios will only hire teachers with in-depth yoga training that must include a minimum of 2 training courses. To keep up, stay current, and increase your value as a teacher, you need to go back to school again! This Advanced Training Course facilitates your growth.  THE POWER of IMMERSION – you probably have lots of advanced yoga interests, but on your own, it's tough to go deep. If you're like me, you're always carrying around some new book about a new subject you're dying to learn more about, but book learning has its limitations, and nothing compares to face time with experienced teacher trainers.  MORE THAN JUST ASANA – yoga asana is the starting point, but in class, you can see right away that your students need more. They want to learn about their anatomy and physiology. Pregnant students want to understand their bodies better, and the more senior students are exploring Ayurveda and nutrition and want your help! As you grow as a teacher, you need to expand your horizons, encompassing the broader world of yoga, digging deep into the philosophical and historical study of the practice, exploring breath work and meditation, and moving toward the subtler understanding of charkas and energy systems in the body.

So How Much Does it Cost? Investing in your education is one of the smartest things you can do, and this course will pay for itself many times over (probably within the first 12 months). Professional training of this caliber increases your earning power as a teacher, and your future salary will reflect that. Because we're located in Goa, India, we can offer very high-quality accommodation, food, and resort facilities for 30-50% less than what you would pay elsewhere.

Course tuition includes all materials and certification: 2699 USD - Shared Accommodation with meals 2799 USD - Private Accommodation with meals 1499 USD – Discounted price only until March 2021


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