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Logo of A11y Meetup Berlin #3 A11y Meetup Berlin #3

17th May 2018

Berlin, Germany

Part of the A11y Meetup Berlin series

Hugo Giraudel

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Front-end developer, accessibility advocate, author, speaker.

A French front-end developer based in Berlin. After a couple of years working as a developer in the French banking industry, they had the great opportunity to join Edenspiekermann in Berlin to work on client projects. They recently quit to join N26 in order to improve mobile banking in Germany and Europe.

They dare call themselves an active open-source community member as they have contributed to many projects, as well as initiated a few of my own as well. Among them, let’s mention Browserhacks, SassDoc, Sass Guidelines, Simplified JavaScript Jargon and a11y-dialog.

They also happen to be a Google Developer Expert in front-end development, and one of the 5 nominees for the Net Awards under the Developer of the Year category.


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