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A11y Meetup Berlin #6

Logo of A11y Meetup Berlin #6 A11y Meetup Berlin #6

4th March 2019

in Berlin, Germany

Part of the A11y Meetup Berlin series

Welcome everyone to the 6th edition of the A11y Meetup Berlin!

The event will take place on March 4th, 2019 at Digital Eatery (Unter den Linden 17). It's kindly sponsored by Microsoft. Our main goal is to encourage everyone talking, thinking, and learning about digital access / inclusion, web performance, and people with different disabilities.

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    Klaas Posselt

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    Tim von Oldenburg


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  • Avatar of Radimir Bitsov

    Radimir Bitsov @radimir-bitsov

    lives in Berlin, Germany

    Radimir is a front-end engineer with a passion for web performance, accessibility, and interface animation. He is a follower of the clean, intuitive, and engaging UI / UX standards. As a self-learner, he is looking every day to expand and share his knowledge and skills.