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Accessibility Club Conference 2018

Logo of Accessibility Club Conference 2018 Accessibility Club Conference 2018

5th November 2018

Berlin, Germany

Part of the Accessibility Club series

Accessibility beyond Design

Over the last few years Molly has traveled a lot and spoken about the importance of accessibility and usability as well as inclusive thinking within design. But the talk she wishes to deliver to you will be a little different …

When the word “Accessibility” is spoken, many associate this with disability and a compliance checklist within design. Molly looks to broaden people's perspectives when thinking of accessibility, how without basic inclusive thinking her overall journey in life is pretty complicated. She will talk about how she mobilises on public transportation, how the difficulties she has are not dissimilar to others — also comparing how much harder it can be for those with accessibility needs to be independent like others — despite being more than capable of it. Not only should it be considered a reasonable adjustment for everyone, within a workplace, within design, within architecture, it should make everyones life easier.

Molly hopes to talk about some of these challenges and bring further awareness of what people often miss when thinking about accessibility, using her experiences as a DeafBlind person.

This session is held on in 030 Eventloft - Grande