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Accessibility Club Conference 2018

Logo of Accessibility Club Conference 2018 Accessibility Club Conference 2018

5th November 2018

Berlin, Germany

Part of the Accessibility Club series

Exclusive Design

Vasilis van Gemert flipped the inclusive design principles and turned them into a set of exclusive design principles. He used these principles to create tailor made, innovative, pleasurable user experiences for real people with disabilities.

The common way to make websites accessible is by using the ideas behind inclusive design. This way you can create interfaces that work equally well for everybody, regardless of the device they use, and regardless of the assistive technologies they need. This works, at least in theory. In practice the results are mostly disappointing.

In order to make inclusive design work we need to be as good at desinging interfaces for ourselves as we are at designing interfaces for people who need assistive technologies, or people who have different needs. In the past 30 years we've studied graphical user interfaces extensively, and if we try, we can create increbile user experiences that are a pleasure to use. Understandably we haven't dug into designing things for alternative forms of input and output as much, since we don't use them that much ourselves. We have been designing exclusively for the lucky people who use their computer in a similar way as we do. So Vasilis' idea is to flip things around a bit. Instead of designing exclusively for ourselves, he started to design tailor made solutions for — and together with — people with special needs.

In the past year, Vasilis did several experiments with designing digital user experiences exclusively for real persons with real disabilities. Together with his students he came up with — sometimes crazy — alternative forms of interaction for a friend who is severly motor disabled. They reimagined a video page for a designer who is deaf. They designed a website for a blind designer with the Blind First principle. Recently a large design agency started working with the exclusive design method for their clients as well. Hopefully by November they will have some insights to share.

In this talk, Vasilis will show you the results of these experiments, and share all the insights he gained during his research. Well, all the insights that fit into a 20 minute talk …

This session is held on in 030 Eventloft - Grande