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Accessibility Club Conference 2018

Logo of Accessibility Club Conference 2018 Accessibility Club Conference 2018

5th November 2018

Berlin, Germany

Part of the Accessibility Club series

Hidde de Vries

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Freelance front-end developer, currently contracting at Mozilla's Open Innovation team, excited about web standards, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and accessibility

Hidde (@hdv) is a front-end web developer. On his blog he writes about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and accessibility. As a freelancer, he helps governments, organisations and companies with fast, scalable and accessible front-end solutions for their end users. His clients include Mozilla, Schiphol Airport, Nike, Nomensa, the Dutch government, Adobe and many more. He has a degree in philosophy, which he hardly makes use of. As a volunteer, he was previously involved with the Fronteers, the professional association and front-end conference in The Netherlands, organising meet-ups, workshops and conferences.



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