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Accessibility Club Conference 2018

Logo of Accessibility Club Conference 2018 Accessibility Club Conference 2018

5th November 2018

Berlin, Germany

Part of the Accessibility Club series

Molly Watt

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Assistive technology advocate, consultant, speaker, author and inclusion activist

Molly is a 24 year old inclusive technology evangelist, keynote speaker, children's illustrator and author. She is co founder of the Molly Watt Trust, director of Molly Watt Limited, ambassador of GN Hearing and an advocate of assistive technology.

Molly has experienced exclusion, rejection and isolation throughout education — as a result her passion lies in inclusion. Currently she's consulting with developers and designers in digital, breaking down barriers for those with and without specific accessibility needs. She's working alongside some of the biggest in digital and their accessibility teams. She's also raising awareness of abilities within disabilities using assistive technologies.

Molly was born severely deaf, then registered blind — becoming deafblind at 12. She has a unique insight into accessibility, the use of accessibility features and mainstream assistive technologies.

Molly has spoken, run workshops and consulted to worldwide accessibility teams including Apple Cupertino, Sydney and London, also raising awareness of diverse needs at Harvard Medical School, Palace of Westminster as well as to organisations like Government Digital Services, BBC Accessibility, Barclays Bank, TSA, London Digital Health, NHS Digital, Sigma, Wayfindr, Naidex, Atec. She's collaborating with charities and others in the fields of awareness, empathy, accessibility, assistive technology and inclusion.

Molly's belief is that digital holds the key to accessibility, diversity and inclusion for all. We all have work to do.


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