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Accessibility Club #7 with Marcy Sutton & Robin Christopherson

Logo of Accessibility Club #7 with Marcy Sutton & Robin Christopherson Accessibility Club #7 with Marcy Sutton & Robin Christopherson

15th January 2018

Munich, Germany

Part of the Accessibility Club series

Hands-on webworker meetup about all things web accessibility & assistive technology, this time with special guest Marcy Sutton, proud side event of beyond tellerrand // MUNICH 2018.

While the necessity and benefits of accessible services on the web are pretty obvious, web accessibility is still not a widespread practice. Common reasonsings range from putative additional efforts, tight budgets to the misbelief that "validity equals accessibilty". In many cases, however, it seems that the majority of developers simply has no clue where to start — which comes as no surprise as most of them have never gotten their hands on assistive technology.

The Accessibility Club wants to give you the chance to get some real-world experience with assistive technology, deepen your knowledge about web accessibilty and get you in touch with like-minded webworkers. The goal is to enable you to make accessibility a natural part of your daily work and mindset.

Homework until we meet

One topic Robin is trying to progress in the UK is getting the government to actually enforce the law regarding website accessibility. He wrote an open letter to the government and suggests we should all kick off similar campaigns in our own countries as well.

At the Accessibility Club, Robin would like to learn what the landscape in other countries is and what practical steps we think we could take to further this agenda. So here are some things to prepare until we meet in Munich:

  • Let's do a bit of research and find out if there are any stats relating to our countries regarding conformance levels.
  • How could we back these up with hard, current evidence? What would it need to create a very basic utility that would return a yes / no when you give it a URL (or batch of URLs) or even search term? (»How accessible is the XYZ website?«)
  • Which kind of campaigns or petitions could / should we start?
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