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Accessibility Club Summit 2019

Logo of Accessibility Club Summit 2019 Accessibility Club Summit 2019

16th to 17th November 2019

Berlin, Germany

Part of the Accessibility Club series

2-day community summit for developers, designers & accessibility enthusiasts, jointly run by a11y meetups from all over Europe

Berlin, Nov 16th-17th, 2019 — mark your calendars!

Five years after the very first Accessibility Club and one year after our first conference it's time to celebrate that accessibility matters seem to have become a bit more mainstream! More and more a11y topics appear on the stages of non-specialised conferences and many new meetups have formed in the last few years, like the A11y Meetup Berlin, the Munich Accessibility Meetup or most recently the Accessibility Club Turku (some more are in preparation).

As we are, for several reasons, not able to run a full-blown conference in 2019, we thought it's a good time to try something new and more community driven: Let's gather at the first Accessibility Club Summit where meetups from all over Europe come together, share their experiences and get new input to keep them thriving.

Like in the years before, we're teaming up with the wonderful beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2019 conference and run the summit as a side event on the weekend right after.

Barcamp + Workshops

  • Day 1 is all about conversation and sharing experiences! Barcamp-style sessions with possibly a handful of prepared presentations for all attendees, pretty much like we had at the Accessibility Club Meetup #8 in Düsseldorf.
  • Day 2 is for learning, expanding our knowledge and putting into practise the ideas we could collect on day 1. Open workshops about developing and designing accessible websites and digital content.

Read more on the Accessibility Club Summit 2019, about how you'd benefit as an attendee and / or a meetup organiser and how you could support as a sponsor, over at our Summit website

Let's make this the biggest meta meetup the accessibility scene has ever seen!

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