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Accessibility Club Summit 2020

Logo of Accessibility Club Summit 2020 Accessibility Club Summit 2020

Event cancelled
13th to 14th June 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Part of the Accessibility Club series

This event has been cancelled. Please refer to the organizers for more information.

2-day community summit for developers, designers & accessibility enthusiasts, jointly run by a11y meetups from all over Europe

Amsterdam, June 13th-14th, 2020 — mark your calendars!

After last year's very first and hugely successful summit in Berlin we are giddy with excitement to announce our next summit for 2020! Again, the summit will be jointly run by multiple web accessibility and inclusive design related meetups from all over Europe, and again there will be a premiere: For the first time, the Accessibility Club will meet outside of Germany, this time welcoming you to Amsterdam!

The summit will take place right after CSS Day 2020 and again feature a full-day barcamp a second day with community run workshops. There are still a lot of details to be figured out, but you should definitely save the date already!

Join us for two days of gaining knowledge about web accessibility, exchanging experiences and meeting like-minded enthusiasts from all over Europe and beyond: June 13th-14th, 2020, in Amsterdam, Netherlands!

Barcamp + Workshops

  • Day 1 is all about conversation and sharing experiences. Barcamp-style sessions mixed with a handful of pre-planned presentations for all attendees, pretty much like we had at the Accessibility Club Summit 2019 in Berlin.
  • Day 2 is for learning, expanding our knowledge and putting things into practise. Visit one of several workshops about developing and designing accessible websites and digital content, run by community members like yourself.

Read more on the Accessibility Club Summit 2020, about how you'd benefit as an attendee and / or a meetup organiser and how you could support as a sponsor, over at our Summit website

Let's make this the biggest meta meetup the accessibility scene has ever seen!

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  1. Officially cancelling the Summit

    With all the many things going on, we kinda missed to officially cancel the event up until now (although this won't suprise any of you at this point). With a heavy heart, it's time to say good-bye. Vasilis and I thought about possibilities to move the summit to an alternate format. However, we believe that the a11yclub series of events is all about exchange and meeting other #a11y enthusiasts, and no online-only event will ever live up to that expectation. That said, we decided early on to not …

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  2. Sponsoring the Summit — we need your help!

    While the Summit is set to be a community event, run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, we will still need some funding for major matters of expense and to keep the financial barrier for attendees low. If you'd like to support our effort — by contributing money, food or anything else that might truly benefit our attendees — please get in touch. We're very flexible will try to match your needs as much as we can. However, please don't expect us to distribute useless swag or other materials that …

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Get to know the organizers

  • Avatar of Joschi Kuphal

    Joschi Kuphal (@jkphl) Organizer Pro

    IndieWeb architect, Designer, Developer, Lecturer, Mentor & Event organiser

    lives in Nürnberg, Germany

    Joschi is an interior designer, programmer and restless tinkerer from Nuremberg.

    He's working on the web since the mid 90s, founder of tollwerk and the Open Device Lab Nürnberg, IndieWeb enthusiast and author of several of Open Source tools. Since 2013 he launched several event series like the border:none and Material conferences, the Accessibility Club and the CoderDojo Nürnberg. He's running IndieWebCamps, the Homebrew Website Club Nürnberg and used to be one of the driving forces behind the Nürnberg Digital Festival.

  • Avatar of Vasilis

    Vasilis (@vasilis)

    lives in Amsterdam

    Vasilis van Gemert is a lecturer at the university of applied sciences in Amsterdam where he teaches the next generation of digital designers to create things with the web as a material. At the moment he focuses on making tailor made, pleasurable digital user experiences for — and with — people with disabilities.

  • Avatar of Núria Peña

    Núria Peña (@nuriapena)

    lives in Munich

    Designer focused on #inclusion. Co-organiser of @A11yMUC, occasional speaker and regular beer drinker.

  • Avatar of Sergei Kriger

    Sergei Kriger (@sergeikriger)

    lives in Munich

  • Avatar of Marjon Bakker

    Marjon Bakker (@marjon)

    lives in The Netherlands

    Marjon Bakker is a digital accessibility consultant and researcher. She was trained as a journalist and worked as a web editor. She's been with Firm Ground since 2017, mainly auditing government websites and working with web teams to improve the accessibility of their websites.