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Accessibility Club Summit 2020

Logo of Accessibility Club Summit 2020 Accessibility Club Summit 2020

13th to 14th June 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Part of the Accessibility Club series

Call for Papers Closed


Running from January 13th - February 29th

For first day of the Accessibility Club Summit 2020 — that's the Barcamp on June 13th — we are searching for accessibility enthusiasts who want to contribute by giving a scheduled presentation (30-35 minutes plus 10-15 minutes discussion / Q&A, no longer than 45 minutes in total) on a technical or inspirational topic of their choice.

The presentation should be relevant for the rest of the attendees and must not have a promotional character (you may talk about one of your projects, however, as long as it's helpful to explain something important). Please expect the audience to be very diverse — there will be accessibility experts as well as novices, coming from all kinds of design and development disciplines. This time, the Summit will have an unofficial overarching topic — Accessibility & Inclusion in Design & Education — so proposals in this area will earn a sort of plus factor. In general, we will prefer contributions that are relevant for the broadest possible audience. We explicitly encourage first-timers to make the step and send us their proposal (please let us know as a comment that you're a first-timer so we can consider this as a bonus as well).

Usually, barcamps don't have a fixed schedule in advance and rather start with an open session planning where everyone can suggest topics for the time slots throughout the day. However, as we made good experience with a hybrid schedule style at previous events, we'll do it like this again:

As we don't pursue any commercial objectives with the summit, want to foster a «from the community for the community» spirit and keep it as affordable as possible, we won't be able to offer you a speaker fee or cover your travel and accommodation expenses, unfortunately.

Finally: Our Call for Presentations is meant to be completely anonymous. Therefore, please refrain from mentioning your name, profile URL or other personal details in the proposal that would enable us to identify you in advance. If you do nevertheless, we'll try to disregard these information (we'll strip them from your proposal before the jury starts the reviewing process). Feel free, however, to let us know whether you're a member of a marginalised group or suffering any kind of personal hardship. As we try to pay a lot of attention to diversity aspects this might be a valuable hint. Thanks! ❤

Please be aware that in order to submit a proposal and give a presentation it is mandatory that you agree to our Code of Conduct. Please make sure that you have read and understood its contents before proceeding.

What's next after we picked your proposal

In case we pick your proposal, we'll get in touch with you and ask for the following additional details:

These details, along with the presentation title, summary and description you submitted as your proposal, will be published here on Colloq as well as on our event website. Neither your email address nor the (optional) additional note will get published anywhere.

Again, please be aware that we are not able to cover your travel and accommodation expenses, unfortunately. However, it goes without saying that as a selected presenter you'll receive a free ticket for both days of the summit which also means that you may attend any of the workshops (tba) if you like.