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ADDC 2017

Logo of ADDC 2017 ADDC 2017

22nd to 23rd June 2017

Barcelona, Spain

Part of the ADDC series

Mobile DevOps: Streamline your app design and development for faster release cycles

Mobile app projects are becoming increasingly complex, while users have high expectations and low tolerance for apps which fail to meet them. Simplify mobile development process and automate your app delivery pipeline, freeing you to focus on building new features, releasing faster, and exceeding customer expectations and business demand.

With Mobile DevOps: - Ensure that your apps look, feel, and perform well for any user, across a diverse platform and device landscape - Increase efficiency and be cost effective by automating processes like app testing on multiple devices - Stay ahead of the competition and react quickly to market demands and changes - Keep your users continuously engaged by responding to user feedback and solving performance issues and app crashes - Free up time to focus on what matters: innovating and delivering value to users.

This session will look at how to embrace an integrated Mobile DevOps approach to enable you to build great apps, have fast release cycles, and focus on what users really want.

This session is held on in Auditori