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ADDC 2017

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22nd to 23rd June 2017

Barcelona, Spain

Part of the ADDC series
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  2. in Auditori

    My dear designer... with love... your developer

    John Keats was an English Romantic poet and in one of his most famous letters, he tells next door neighbor Fanny Brawne he cannot live without her (1819): "My love has made me selfish. I cannot exist without you - I am forgetful of every thing but seeing you again."

    This hidden love between developers and designers really exists and we must take advantage of it in order to design and develop great products.

    Jump onboard in this journey and let's explore this charming relationship, based on real use cases and experiences for creating awesome product features and functionalities.

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    Coffee break

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    VR killed the 16:9 star?

    How can we deal with VR? Learning how to design for these new technologies has become a basic necessity, but we don't have always the hardware or the resources to do it by our own. That's why I would like to share my expertise, a few tips and most of all, my mistakes while designing motion graphics and interfaces for this virtual worlds.

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    Lunch Break

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    Coffee break

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    Passion, pixels and anxiety!

    About being a designer and a developer a and becoming founders. A story about how I turned a passion project into a full-time job. The process of designing and building products together. The emotional rollercoaster and all the learnings I've made from it.

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    Creating great animations on iOS

    Animations are a huge part of modern application design - and on iOS we have quite a number of tools at our disposal to create great ones to delight & inform our users. Durning this talk, John will go through several animation techniques and talk about how they can be used to create a smooth workflow for both developers & designers - and resulting in a great user experience.

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    Coffee break

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    UX discothèque: How to DJ design & development thinking!

    Using techniques from DJ culture and music performance, we will explore how UX design and development can be elevated to new dimensions using some tricks of the trade. Having worn both hats, Forrest will talk about empathy, dynamics, and uniqueness in both scenarios and how ultimately thinking like a DJ may help you build your best product yet.

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    🛥🎉️ Boat Party check in

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    ⚓ Boat departure

    Arrive between 19.30 and 20.30 to the meeting point at the The Room, Carrer de la Marina 19, Port Olimpic (next to the Casino). We've got a happy hour drink prices there whilst checking in.

    You will receive the boat party ticket during the conference check-in and it is essential that you present your ticket on the entry together with your conference bracelet. If you don’t feel like going you can gift the ticket to another attendee, as long as they have the conference bracelet too. We unfortunately won't be able to make any exceptions to these rules as the boat can legally only host 140 guests and staff.

    The boat will sail to the sea and late arrivals aren’t possible, be on time. We will provide open bar of beer, sangria, cava, non-alcoholic beverages and BBQ! The boat will be on the sea until midnight when we’ll return to the port.

    We'll have some discounts for those who want to head out for an after party or won't be able to attend the boat.

    This would never be possible without our Platinum sponsor Fanmiles - thank you so much for support!

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    Mobile DevOps: Streamline your app design and development for faster release cycles

    Mobile app projects are becoming increasingly complex, while users have high expectations and low tolerance for apps which fail to meet them. Simplify mobile development process and automate your app delivery pipeline, freeing you to focus on building new features, releasing faster, and exceeding customer expectations and business demand.

    With Mobile DevOps: - Ensure that your apps look, feel, and perform well for any user, across a diverse platform and device landscape - Increase efficiency and be cost effective by automating processes like app testing on multiple devices - Stay ahead of the competition and react quickly to market demands and changes - Keep your users continuously engaged by responding to user feedback and solving performance issues and app crashes - Free up time to focus on what matters: innovating and delivering value to users.

    This session will look at how to embrace an integrated Mobile DevOps approach to enable you to build great apps, have fast release cycles, and focus on what users really want.

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    Coffee break

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    Android Things: Building for the IoT

    Whilst the IoT has been a growing and exciting area, it's also been out-of-reach and difficult for many of us wanting to craft hardware. Luckily for us, Android Things now allows us to utilise our existing knowledge of the android platform to easily contribute to the IoT ecosystem. Easing development using existing knowledge allows us to give a greater focus on how we can craft aa pleasant User Experience when it comes to the Internet of Things.

    In this talk we'll be discovering what the platform of Android Things is and looking at some fundamental topics that will give developers the confidence and knowledge to build for android things. As well as leveraging existing resource from the Android ecosystem, we'll be looking at how we can shift our thinking for UX when it comes to moving away from a screen and towards physical components - all whilst brushing over some real examples to give us the knowledge to create exciting new devices for the physical world.

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    Lunch Break

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    Solve it. Don't just build it.

    This is a story from a designer and a developer who worked together and built a product for people who really need it. It is a first-hand story about behind-the-scenes processes, results, and reflections about the design & development of a medical app which actually saves people’s lives.

    We will walk you through our design process from ideation and brainstorming, research and user study to first prototype and iterations. We will talk about why and how engineers should be a part of this journey, how to create shared understanding about users, and how to create a product that makes someone's life better together.

    Is it all about pixels, colors, lines of code, or is it about users?

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    The Power of Emotion and Delight

    Us humans, we were never supposed to interact with machines the way we all do today. Luckily for us, we can use microinteractions to spread little bits of love and goodness into the apps and experiences we build everyday. During this talk, we will cover Human-Computer Interaction principles, environments to create rich prototypes, engineering best practices, cognitive science, accessibility, readability, microinteractions, colour techniques, animation principles, and other research-backed approaches. With this knowledge we can strive to improve people’s, one app at a time.

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    Lost in translation

    Successful designer and developer collaboration requires strong two-way communication. Yet our tools, languages and processes have not caught up, causing misunderstanding and frustration. Let us learn why our dialects differ, how we got here and ways to build a better collaborative future between designers and developers.

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    Coffee break