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ADDC - App Design & Development Conference 2018

Logo of ADDC - App Design & Development Conference 2018 ADDC - App Design & Development Conference 2018

4th to 6th July 2018

Barcelona, Spain

Part of the ADDC series

So THAT'S how your phone knows where you are!

Users increasingly demand apps that are location-aware, but working with location services can be frustrating. Accuracy can vary wildly, and users complain loudly if your app destroys their battery. Even worse, location services APIs often feel like black boxes, leaving even experienced developers scratching their heads how to debug them.

So how does it all actually work? How can your phone, solely using the position of a few satellites, figure out where you are to within a few meters? How, dare we ask, is the location technology sitting in our pockets indebted not only to the Cold War but to the navigational needs of 18th century sailors?

We'll explore the underlying technology behind GPS and location services, helping you better understand why things fail when they do, and how you can best design around the limitations of the technology.

This session is held on in Main Room