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ADDC - App Design & Development Conference

Logo of ADDC - App Design & Development Conference ADDC - App Design & Development Conference

26th to 28th June 2019

Barcelona, Spain

Part of the ADDC series


  1. Profile photo of Ana Oarga

    Ana Oarga

    Co-founder & Product Strategy at Just Mad

  2. Profile photo of Angela Guzman

    Angela Guzman

    UX designer and founder, previously designing experiences at Google

  3. Profile photo of Jason van der Merwe

    Jason van der Merwe

    Engineering manager at Strava

  4. Profile photo of Matthew Cunningham

    Matthew Cunningham

    Head of User Experience at Rackspace

  5. Profile photo of Raz Burciu

    Raz Burciu

    Co-founder & Product Designer at Just Mad

  6. Profile photo of Stella Guan

    Stella Guan

    Senior Visual Designer

  7. Profile photo of Wiebe Elsinga

    Wiebe Elsinga

    Lead Developer & GDE at Egeniq