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Advanced IV Therapies 2020

Logo of Advanced IV Therapies 2020 Advanced IV Therapies 2020

29th to 30th August 2020

Taipei, Taiwan

Designed to provide a firm foundational understanding of IV, Chelation, Stem cells, Nutritional therapies, detoxication while expanding upon various advanced IV protocols, this event is geared towards active clinicians seeking to effectively implement intravenous nutritional therapies into practice. Led by a team of seasoned experts, lectures will examine the use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other unique parenteral compounds. Attendees will review various aspects of integrating IV therapy into practice, learn implementation strategies, and uncover the potential applications of the therapy in cancer. In analyzing a broad range of pertinent research and protocols, practitioners will leave with a solid understanding of how to best administer and integrate IV therapies into practice.

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  1. Deepa Verma, MD

  2. Dorothy Merritt, MD


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