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Advertising Week Briefings: 5 Things in Sports

Logo of Advertising Week Briefings: 5 Things in Sports Advertising Week Briefings: 5 Things in Sports

3rd December 2020


In partnership with Advertising Week APAC, and Pause Festival, this month we will be diving into the fascinating and challenging world of Sports Marketing:

Advertising Week Briefings 5 Things is presented by Lucio Ribeiro, marketing consultant and RMIT and Deakin Lecturer of Market Insights, Digital Marketing and A.I., the Advertising Week Briefings: 5 Things, are monthly sessions where experts in different categories and verticals respond to five questions about their

Packed with category insights and educative content, these sessions are ideal for:

  • future leaders looking to understand category dynamics
  • brand managers
  • technology professionals
  • marketers and agencies

Come along for an evening full of exclusive and remarkable opportunities to learn.

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    David Currie

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    Elizabeth Kozmevski

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    Lucio Ribeiro


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Get to know the organizer

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    Lucio Ribeiro (@lucio-ribeiro)

    lives in Australia

    Lucio Ribeiro is the presenter of Advertising Week Briefings: 5 Things.

    Lucio is a marketing and business strategist consultant, lecturer in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing at RMIT. As well as, public speaker and former founder and MD of digital agency

    Lucio has worked with leading agencies; McCann- Erickson, Lowe Lintas, MRM and Ogilvy. In 2011 he co- founded Online Circle Digital and has worked with clients including Mercedes-Benz APAC, P&G, MINI, Renault, Chevrolet, Vicinity Centres Retail, Target Australia, Unilever, MasterCard, Mondelez, Parmalat, Kraft Foods, Schweppes, Purina/Nestle, Cadbury, AGL Energy, and Cadbury NZ and The Warehouse Group NZ.

    During his career, Lucio was elected by public vote as one of the top 100 most influential Online Marketers in the world by Marketing Today