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3rd Annual R&D Innovation Excellence/Design Thinking Summit

12th to 13th April 2018

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Research, development and innovation is rarely as straightforward as the above mentioned quote would have you believe, which is unfortunate for companies investing substantial amounts of capital and resources into R&D. It is, essentially, a gamble, a game of chance and of hedging your bets – some pay off, while others inevitably do not. Considering how vital R&D is to the success of any business, this naturally poses some problems and challenges.

While market unpredictability and technology innovation shroud R&D projects in uncertainty, there are nonetheless ways in which to achieve results and generate return on investment. Whether through good R&D management, cross-industry collaboration or smart spending, there are methods and techniques available to avoid flatlines and prevent losses.

This event will also present you with the opportunity to engage more directly with Design Thinking, with a separate programme of workshops and talks on the subject scheduled to take place concurrently. Delegates will be able to choose from three distinct tracks focused on INNOVATION, INDUSTRY and DESIGN.

As a special bonus, on day one there will be the option to attend a field trip to the prestigious Design Thinking Center Amsterdam. Our exclusive, hands-on programme will show you how Design Thinking can be used for an organisational approach as well as for products and services.

Presented by Corporate Parity, the 3rd Annual R&D Innovation Excellence/Design Thinking Summit will look at what industries and businesses are facing now and what they expect to encounter in the future. Learn how to increase productivity, budget and strategies for R&D projects and how to measure successful inventions from industry experts and forward-thinking leaders.

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