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Art Community in Global Pandemic ——How do we react, relieve, and recover? 〔session 2〕

Logo of Art Community in Global Pandemic ——How do we react, relieve, and recover? 〔session 2〕 Art Community in Global Pandemic ——How do we react, relieve, and recover? 〔session 2〕

14th January 2021


About the Project We invite international non-profit visual art spaces, art organizations, or groups to discuss how can art institutions modify operation strategies due to COVID-19 and whether it’s necessary to create new forms of art programs. With the discussion, people can have an insight into the current condition of art industries in different countries and can explore the recovery strategies after the epidemic. Three discussions will be held from December to February. Prof. Su Yao-Hua, who is experienced in international communication and an art organization operator, will be the moderator, inviting operators of art organizations from different countries to the discussions. Different topics in different sessions, the panels will come up with solutions with problems of closed borders and international communication dilemma during discussions. Discussions will be presented in mainly English. Only 30 audiences are able to participate in full discussions and Q&A sessions. The audience is limited, apply now! About the Moderator

Su Yao-Hua (Director of Provisional Office, NTNU Art Museum) Su Yao-Hua is an art manager, curator, and educator. She has years of experience in international communication and space managing. Moreover, she planned and moderated multiple international seminars, including planning the University Museum International Cooperation Forum in 2012 and moderating the Creative City International Symposium Project in 2014 and the First International Symposium on Art Archives in 2016.

Session 2 RELIEF This discussion focuses on the relief projects or ideas that the art organizations launched during COVID-19. Nina Heydemann from U.A.E., director of Maraya Art Centre, Nouha Ben Yebdri from Morocco, director of Mahal Art Space, and Lo Shih-Tung, head of Open Contemporary Art Center, are invited to share their respective relief methods during the pandemic. Keywords: Relief Strategies, Online Gallery Date & Time: 2021/01/14 THU. 17:00-18:00 About the Panelists and Their Organizations

◆Nina Heydemann (Director of Maraya Art Centre) Dr. Nina Heydemann is currently the director of the Maraya Art Centre and the 1971 – Design Space in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Before her appointment, Dr. Nina Heydemann worked as the Senior Manager – Visual Arts, heading the Department of Visual Arts at the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) in Abu Dhabi from 2014-2018. ◇Maraya Art Centre Established in 2006, Maraya Art Centre is a non-profit creative organization located in Sharjah, U.A.E. Maraya Art Centre offers innovative programs through its multifaceted initiatives, and public outreach activities including workshops, lectures, talks, and other art-related events.

◆Nouha Ben Yebdri (Director of Mahal Art Space) Nouha Ben Yebdri is a curator, a project manager, and an independent researcher based in Tangier (Morocco). Her main interest as such is focused on issues related to the development of artistic spaces and the impact they have on their environment and vice versa (which is developed through Mahal Art Space's project); as well as in the relationship between art and education, a research that I started with the program Pedagogies Invisibles (Prélude). In parallel to these activities, she also runs MAHAL: a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting contemporary artistic practices in Tangier. ◇Mahal Art Space Mahal Art Space is a multi-faceted, open, and experimental art space that conceives, designs, and hosts exhibitions, presentations, gatherings, screenings, workshops, and residencies, with the aim of promoting critical reflection on today's society, lifestyle, and history. This space is intended as a place of learning and development for both artists and the audience. It offers artists a space for freedom of reflection and creation, as well as an opportunity to develop and promote their professional careers. For the audience, Mahal aims to be a committed space, from which to discover new narratives, alternative stories, and recondite places.

◆Lo Shih-Tung (Head of Open Contemporary Art Center) Lo Shih-Tung, artist and current head of Open- Contemporary Art Center. His artwork focuses on the texture of daily life, especially the traces of human activities over-produced by contemporary society, collective consciousness, and the forgotten stories, and how do these intangible ghostlike issues haunt us profoundly. In recent years, he has participated in and planned regional art events in between Taiwan and Southeast Asia. ◇Open Contemporary Art Center Open Contemporary Art Center (OCAC) Founded in 2001, OCAC (Open Contemporary Art Center) is a collective and artist-run space that focuses on the initial nexus between art and society. facilitate the space as a garage and laboratory, which accommodate artists and creative ones creating dialogue, sharing their joy of labor, initiating movement, and journey. In recent years, OCAC has been travel around the region in Southeast Asia, engaging in a series of collaborative projects, Making noises in the flat repeated art world. Important projects of OCAC include ThaiTai: A Measure of Understanding (2012 - 2014); CO- Temporary: Southeast Asia - Taiwan Forum and Exchange Program on Arts and Culture (2016); the collaborative project with Lifepatch, CO- Temporary #2: Itu Apa Island (2017); and PETAMU Project (2018).

Agenda 17:00 Introduction of the Topics and Panels 17:05 Case 1 w/ Nina Heydemann 17:15 Case 2 w/ Nouha Ben Yebdri 17:25 Case 3 w/ Lo Shih-Tung 17:35 Communication&Discussion: Relief projects and opinions and future development on online galleries 17:50 Q&A

*The Discussion will mainly be presented in English.

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