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beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2017

Logo of beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2017 beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2017

6th to 8th November 2017

Berlin, Germany

Part of the beyondtellerrand series
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Main Room

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  1. Main Room (Admiralspalast)

    Life Lessons from the Field

    Paula has a lot of experience and many stories to tell. When she agreed to come and speak I was super happy and delighted as she always was one of my greatest design heroes. I hope you are going to like what she brings to Berlin for you, which is:

    Life Lessons from the Field: 10 things I know about designing that NEVER change.

  2. Main Room (Admiralspalast)

    Vague But Exciting

    These three words are etched into the history of the World Wide Web. I think these three words leave a legacy for the Web and can teach us a lot about how we design and build products. We’ll delve deep into the art of prototyping and learn how to do it well.

  3. Main Room (Admiralspalast)

    Create Cross-Culture Designs for a Global Audience

    Yiying is going to share her branding design, illustration and typography projects from a multicultural & linguistic aspect. She will showcase and talk about her cross cultural design practices for many global companies and organisations. Join Yiying on a journey of exploring creativity within cross cultural communication in the age of globalisation.

  4. Main Room (Admiralspalast)

    Type with character(s) – reclaiming control over OpenType fonts

    The introduction of OpenType fonts in 2000 offered designers a rich and sophisticated typographic repertoire. The number of typefaces that support advanced typographic features has grown exponentially over the years. And yet software applications offering typesetting capabilities still fail to provide an adequate font interface. As a result, much of their potential for both print and the web remain untapped. Yves will help you unlock that potential and elevate your typography to higher levels.

  5. Main Room (Admiralspalast)


    In his talk Snook is asking (and maybe answering) the following questions:

    • What does it mean to be successful?
    • How does one become successful?
    • What does one do to help others be successful?
    • What comes after becoming successful?
  6. Main Room (Admiralspalast)

    Out with accessibility - In with inclusive design

    Widely recognised as a leading expert on accessibility and digital inclusion, Robin Christopherson of leading UK tech charity AbilityNet will explore the ‘mental 180’ we all need to undergo when it comes to considering accessibility in this mobile-first world. Packed with practical illustrations and demos – attending this one’s a no-brainer.

    If you’ve not come across him, Robin is a regular inspirational speaker at a wide range of events in Europe and the US, raising awareness of the power and potential of technology to transform people’s lives. His work was recently recognised with the award of an MBE in the 2017 Queen’s new-year honour’s list for services to digital inclusion.

  7. Main Room (Admiralspalast)

    The future of the browser

    The browser needs to get faster. The first browser was created almost 30 years ago. Since then, the browser has moved from its past as a simple document viewer towards a future as a fully-featured application platform. But those applications are testing the limits of current browsers, especially on devices like smartphones. To support those applications, browsers need to adapt to modern hardware.

    In this talk, Lin explains how the browser works today. She’ll share what browser vendors need to do over the next few years to ensure their browsers (and the web itself) meet the upcoming demands.

  8. Main Room (Admiralspalast)

    Exclusive Design

    The Web is here for everybody. This means that we can make stuff that works for spoiled brats like myself, and at the same time removes hurdles for people with disabilities. By using super clever ideas like the Inclusive Design Principles we can build stuff that’s true to the nature of the web, that truly works for everyone.

    I wanted to know what happens when you reverse these Inclusive Design Principles. What happens when you design exclusively for someone with very specific needs, for instance a blind person? I’m working on a few experiments with tailor made webdesign and will share the results with you. Can Design for One help us create better designs for all?

  9. Main Room (Admiralspalast)

    Creative ambition - It may not be easy, but it will be worth it!

    Named by Creative Review as one of the Top 50 Creative Leaders (2017) & by The Sunday Times as one of the Top 100 Disruptive Entrepreneurs innovating in their respective fields (2017) Pip Jamieson, Founder of creative community The Dots ( will give a very honest account of the highs, lows and burn-out points that have gone into making The Dots are reality. From quitting her dream job at MTV, sinking her life savings into co-founding her first creative business in Australia - which she grew into the leading professional networking platform for creatives in the region - to exit and then launching The Dots in the UK.

    An entrepreneur with a distinctive marmite laugh (you either love it or hate it) Pip will give a very honest account of the 10 invaluable lessons she's learnt along the way.

  10. Main Room (Admiralspalast)

    From Purpose to Patterns

    At the heart of every purposeful and coherent design there's a set principles — a shared criteria for what good design means for a particular team and product.

    In this talk Alla is going to share insights from her long-term research on what makes effective design principles, how to define them, and how principles manifest through design patterns.

  11. Main Room (Admiralspalast)

    Now is Always the Wrong Time

    Side projects have always been a big part of Elliot's career in design, publishing, and music – some successful, others not — and in latter years the line between ‘side’ and ‘full-time’ has become increasingly blurred, as has the line between client work and making products. In this talk, Elliot reflects on the pros and cons of his various projects, and the concept of productivity and creativity as a whole. He proposes that because creativity always seems to manifest itself at the ‘wrong’ time, now has actually never been a better time to follow our passions and make a living from what we love the most.

    Be sure to also check Elliot’s full-day workshop

  12. Main Room (Admiralspalast)

    Styling Hillary – A Design System for all Americans

    A comprehensive design system is a critical tool for maintaining a consistent UI during rapid development that spans multiple codebases.

    During the 2016 US presidential campaign, Mina spent most of her time building and refining Pantsuit, the design system that powered many of the applications hosted on

    In this talk, Mina will share successes and failures from nearly two years at Hillary for America, including creating CSS architecture and implementing a redesign of the main website.