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beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2018

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5th to 8th November 2018

Berlin, Germany

Part of the beyondtellerrand series

Full-Day Workshop: Design Thinking for Fun and Profit with Andy Budd

Session image for Full-Day Workshop: Design Thinking for Fun and Profit with Andy Budd

The term “design thinking” has been floating around the industry since the 60s, but it was arguably IDEO’s Tim Brown who helped bring it into the public consciousness in his 2009 TED Talk. Since then, Design Thinking has been gaining popularity in the business world, thanks to prominent articles in publications like Fast Company and The Harvard Business Review. In fact Design Thinking has become so popular that many business leaders have been eschewing traditional MBAs in favour of design led programmes at The Singularity University and dSchool.

The concept behind Design Thinking itself is fairly straightforward; essentially it’s using traditional design tools and approaches to solve non-traditional—often abstract–business problems. This typically involves a combination of abductive reasoning, visual sense making, modelling, co-design, and experimentation, all through the lens of user centricity. All things you should already be familiar with. As such, the magic of design thinking is using these tools in new and unexpected ways.

Considering all the buzz, you’ll be surprised to know that the very existence of Design Thinking is still contested, with some designers feeling there is an element of “emperor’s new clothes” about the whole conversation. They would argue that design thinking is nothing new and designers have always used their tools to solve complex business problems, so this isn’t some new for of cognition. Irrespective of the ongoing debate, Design Thinking has clearly made its way outside the design studio and into the boardroom, giving designers an unprecedented level of access and influence.

During the workshop

We’ll start this workshop by introducing the concept of design thinking, and digging into some of the key details. We’ll talk about the double-diamond approach to design—something you’ll no doubt already be aware of—and how this can be applied to a broader set of problems than you’re familiar with. We’ll walk you through a set of our favourite Design Thinking tools, before splitting you into groups of 4-6 people and tasking you with solving a tricky business problem.

As the end of this workshop you’ll be able to...

  • Articulate what Design Thinking is and isn’t.
  • Apply the Double Diamond approach to solve non-conventional design problems.
  • Improve project planning using The Graphic Gameplan, Five Bold Steps and Project Pre-Mortum techniques.
  • Set Strategic Vision with Cover Stories, Elevator Pitches, and Vision Journeys.
  • Model complex business problems using context maps, the SPOT Matrix and The Lean Product Canvas.
  • Understand customer motivations through empathy maps, user journey maps and Value Propositions.
  • Conceive new ideas using Design Studio, Body Storming and Lego Serious Play.
  • Test those ideas using Paper Prototypes, Service Design Origami and The Wizard of Oz technique.

This workshop is for…

  • Designers looking to make a bigger impact with their work.
  • Developers looking to get a piece of the action.
  • Product managers looking to do a better job of influencing product decisions.
  • Executive teams looking to bring design techniques of silicon valley into the boardroom.

What you'll need

This workshop is highly flexible, scaling from individual teams of 4-6 people, up to large rooms of over 100 participants. No prior design experience is required, although a flexible mindset and a willingness to play with sticky notes and lego is key.

When and where is the workshop taking place?

On Monday, November 5th, from 10am (10:00) to 5pm (17:00). Venue TBA

Use your chance an register early to safe €100 until August 31st. Early bird price is €349 incl. VAT and booking fees. Price after August 31st is €449 incl. VAT and booking fees.

This session is held on in Kuppelsaal 1 at Neue Mälzerei